11:48:00 PM


Night Of Mar 23-24 2011 Produces 4 Significant/Major Green Meteor Fireball Bolide Events In/Near Oklahoma. 3 Events Captured By Sandia Sentinel All Sky Fireball Cameras, One ExplodesWith Brightness Near That Of The Sun (see below).
The nighttime hours of March 23-24 were much more than just remarkable for Oklahoma residents and those of adjacent states. A series of green fireballs blazed across western Oklahoma skies during a 7.5 hour period starting at 9:20pm CDT on the 23rd,  and lasting through 4:30 am CDT on the 24th. The flurry of fireball activity was witnessed by well over 100 people who filed reports with ELPALLSKY and Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News Tokyo, Japan. All but one event were captured on either Sandia Sentinel Fireball Cameras or direct view cameras. The events are posted below in chronological order.

EVENT 1...01:49:35 UTC (20:49:35 CDT) 23MAR2011 captured on Hawley TX Sandia Sentinel All Sky Fireball Camera (no mutual OKC capture)
(c) 2011 Sandia Sentinel All Sky Meteor Camera Network-Hawley TX
(may not be used without expressed written permission)

Event 2...02:20:54 UTC (21:20:54 CDT) 23Mar2011-captured by direct view Hawley TX camera pointed toward Oklahoma City-(c) 2011 Kevin Palivec. This was a mutual OKC-Hawley capture.

Event 2...(mutual capture video from OKC Sentinel) 02:20:54 UTC (21:20:54 CDT 23MAR2011) (c) 2011 Sandia Sentinel All Sky Meteor Camera-OKC, OK
(may not use without expressed written permission)

Event 3...(MAJOR BOLIDE)...07:43:48 UTC (02:43:48 CDT 24MAR2011) 
(c) 2011 Sandia Sentinel All Sky Meteor Camera-OKC, OK
(may not use without expressed written permission)

Event 4-No Video Capture...Based on reports, the event occured between 4am and 4:30am CDT 24MAR2011. AMS has 2 reports of the event. The following report was received by Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News in Tokyo, Japan...
Lone Oak, TX Meteor 4:30am 24MAR2011
Guest35 (guest): i saw a meteorite early this morning. i wanted to add that i saw the meteor around 4:30 this morning along hwy 69 s. towards Lone Oak, TX

10:57:00 AM

Bright Northern CO Meteor Fireball 31MAR2011

E-mail From Michael Kornblatt: I was in Littleton, CO approx 6:05 am, Wadsworth Ave and US 285 (Hampden), facing North, Northeast and saw a very large, very bright mass of light headed almost straight down.  I saw it for 2 seconds, then it disappeared behind the morning cloud cover. The size and brightness were amazing! I wish I could have watched it longer!
Have a great day! Michael

From Daniel S. Near Boulder...Looks like the same event the others are reporting, though I would put the time a little later. Approx. 6 20 am. I was driving north on highway 93 towards Boulder, approx. near highway 128 junction. Meteor was seen to the north east at approx 30 degrees east. Elevation approx 35 degrees above horizion. It was VERY bright and maybe the apparent size of 0.5 inches or my fingernail. It was bright and appeared burning. I actually looked up looking for a plane or something to see if it had fallen off something. Daniel

Steve S. In Ft. Collins Writes...Saw it too, but my time was ~6:20 am, 3/31/2011.  Driving north on Taft Ave in Fort Collins, CO.  Very large (nickel-to quarter-sized) white light body falling almost vertical and rapidly, also north-northeast, roughly in direction of Cheyenne WY.  My view of horizon was obstructed so I couldn't see whether it disappeared behind or in front of clouds, but if behind it was a very long way off, because clouds appeared to be at least 40-50 miles away. Was expecting to see reports on news but nothing so far.  Steve S.

Kathleen B. In Berthoud...I was driving north on Hwy 287 west of Berthoud (between Longmont and Loveland) when at about 6:15 am I saw the brilliant fireball falling in the sky in the north/northeast. It disappeared behind a dark cloud bank across the northern horizon.  I was amazed and somewhat startled. I just had to report it to someone so I actually called the Loveland police dept. thinking that if it hit the ground, it would be a blazing fire perhaps on the eastern plains. I checked the news several times but found nothing mentioned so I finally reported the incident to 9 News. But still nothing has been said. I finally did a google search for “meteor northern Colorado” and found your write up this afternoon.  Wow, that was really spectacular!!! Kathleen
***If you saw this event please email your observations to wxtx01@gmail.com***
Photos, videos needed for this event!! Please email them and share your observation with us. Thank you.

9:05:00 PM

Texas Meteor Fireball Sighted 29MAR2011

Sean LeClaire In Frisco TX E-mail's...On 3/29/11 at around 10:30pm, I was in the backyard of our house in Frisco, TX taking the dogs out, when I saw what appeared to be a shooting star.
The object was round in shape and green in color and was below the low flying, thick clouds.  The object was heading southwest, which I verified with a compass.  The object resembled a "roman candle" firework ball.  It broke up and had what looked like glowing peices or sparks coming from it before it disintegrated. 
I stayed outside and looked all around to see if someone was shooting fireworks, but nothing else happened.  I quickly came inside and told my wife what I saw. thank you Sean!

Betty In Fort Worth Writes...I also saw this "green" fireball from our home in SW Fort Worth around the same time on March 29, 2011...I was doing the same thing as Sean, taking our dogs out. It was an awesome and beautiful sighting! I wasn't originally looking at the sky but the brightness and movement caught my eye. Not sure how much I missed, but I got to see several seconds of it. I was facing east, but agree that the meteor appeared to move in a southwest direction. I saw a similar event from Austin, TX several years ago, earlier in the evening, only dusk at the time. It was much larger and it lasted even longer. That was my first time to see a green one and had NO idea what it was....thought it was a satelite or rocket burning up at the time... BK in FW, TX.  thank you Betty, glad you saw at least some of it !

***If you saw this event please email your observations to wxtx01@gmail.com***

8:59:00 PM

California Meteor Fireball 30MAR2011

Inquiry To ELPALLSKY..Rancho Cordova, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for Any one notice lights in the sky this morning about 6:40AM in sacramento, ca.

 ***If you witnessed this event, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with date, time, your location, what direction you were facing, object direction of travel (right to left etc. is ok), color and any sounds made such as booms, hisses etc. Thank you!***

10:33:00 PM

Bright Meteor Fireball Seen From Denver CO 29MAR2011

Lisa In Denver, CO Writes... 3-29-2011 5:30 a.m. I witnessed an amazing object, pre-dawn.. western sky traveling S.E. to N.W.!!!!! White yellow fireball with a blazing blue tail!!! Anyone else see this?

***If you witnessed this event, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with date, time, your location, what direction you were facing, object direction of travel (right to left etc. is ok), color and any sounds made such as booms, hisses etc. Thank you!***

2:02:00 AM

Updated OKC Bolide Eyewitness Report Map As Of 26MAR2011

(c) 2011 LunarMeteoriunter / Google Earth Updated 26MAR2011
TX/OK Meteor 23MAR2011 Roughly 61 Sighting Locations in 8 US States
Red=M/M News reports Aqua=ELP reports Purple=AMS reports P=Camera Locations
Sighting area roughly 900x700 miles...over 100 witnesses
REPORTS: TX...27   OK...17  KS...AR...NM...NE...CO...MO...1  

10:22:00 PM

Radar And Observational Analysis From Dr. Marc Fries-23MAR2011 OKC Bolide

First my sincere thanks to Marc ( http://radarmeteorites.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/ok-24-mar-2011-0220-utc/ ) for staying awake as long as he could to download and analyse Doppler radar data within minutes of this bolide event into the wee hours of the morning. From that analysis, Dirk Ross of Tokyo, Japan ( Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News ) , James Beauchamp ( OKC Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera ), Kevin Palivec (Hawley TX Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera) and myself gained confidence that a fall was possible, and were able to triangulate a very close potential fall location. While we truly won't know until searchers locate actual meteorites from this event, the invaluable eyewitness reports we received from YOU OUR READERS! were by far the single most important element in making our calculations. MAJOR KUDOS TO YOU, OUR READERS! Please accept our profound thanks on behalf of all of us. Please bookmark this site for continued updates and future reference. ELPALLSKY...

From Dr. Marc Fries...OK 24 Mar 2011 0220 UTC
This large fireball was seen by a large number of eyewitnesses and recorded by a few all-sky cameras (I’m not sure how many).  This is a significant fireball, with an apparently ~flat trajectory and low velocity. Material is clearly seen to spall off the end of the track, and overall there appears to be a high likelihood that meteorites reached the ground. Kudos go to Jim Gamble of El Paso Allsky (LINK) and Dirk Ross (LINK) who were both on top of it from the time of the event and have excellent compilations of data at the links posted above.
And this is fun – the meteor actually occurs behind a local meteorologist while he’s reporting the weather! (LINK)
My first look at radar data from this event focused near the OK-TX border west of OK City, where there wasn’t much to see. One single-pixel item shows up on three separate radars (KAMA, KFDR, KVNX) 10 km west of Butler, OK. All three radars record an altitude of about 18,000′ for this object. It is a real object, seen in the middle of nowhere on a near-cloudless night at about 0230 UTC, but otherwise there aren’t any other indications that this is related to the meteor event.
Rob Matson pointed out a series of radar returns that is a better candidate for a meteorite fall. Rob points out that this series of radar returns appears on the KFWS, KVNX radars, and I would also add that it is seen in data from the unfortunately-named KINX radar and KSRX as well. The returns follow a track from approximately 35.635401 N, -98.081465 W to 35.497839 N, -97.843624 W, which describes a ground track that is approximately 27 km long. Note that this is not corrected for winds...MORE

10:20:00 PM

'A Professor, a President, and a Meteor: The Birth of American Science'

Yale professor's little-known story reveals crucial collision of scientific discovery and politics 
Cathryn J. Prince is the author of "A Professor, a President, and a Meteor: The Birth of American Science. "
When a fiery meteor crash in 1807 lit up the dark early-morning sky in Weston, Connecticut, it did more than startle the few farmers in the sleepy village—it sparked the curiosity of Benjamin Silliman, a young chemistry professor at nearby Yale College. His rigorous investigation of the incident sparked a chain of events that eventually brought the once-low standing of American science to sudden international prominence. And, by coincidence, it also embroiled Silliman in politics, pitting him against no less an adversary than President...MORE

11:34:00 PM

Tulsa Oklahoma Weathercast Live Cam Captures OKC Bolide Of 23MAR2011

News 6 Tulsa Meteorologist Travis Meyer Had No Idea ! 
TULSA, Oklahoma – Oklahomans can't stop talking about the streak of light seen shooting across the sky Wednesday night.
The News On 6 caught the light live as it streaked across the Tulsa sky.
It can be seen in the sky behind News On 6 Chief Meteorologist Travis Meyer as he deliveredhis weather forecast during Wednesday night's 9 p.m. newscast. The streak is visible for almost five seconds.

9:15:00 PM

Large Green OK, TX, KS, NE, AR, CO, NM Fireball CAPTURED BY NEW OKC SENTINEL ALL SKY CAMERA 02:20:54 UTC 24MAR2011 (21:20:54 CDT) 23MAR2011

(c) 2011 OKC Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera-All Rights Reserved...Release by request only!
(c) 2011 Witness Location Map Compiled By Dirk Ross-Worldwide Meteor Meteorite News Updated 25MAR2011
Above Video (c) 2011 Kevin Palivec-Hawley TX Sandia Allsky Fireball Camera Network
Captured on a direct view camera looking NORTH toward OKC

Witness Reports To ELPALLSKY...
Tecumseh, Oklahoma
I live in tecumseh oklahoma. tuesday evening i was feeding my animals around
8:45 p.m. or a little later i seen a green fireball in the s.w. sky moving to the west
n.w. a few minutes later my son in law and i saw a large green fireball moving from the n.e.
to the west-s.w. and we actually could here this one,sounded like a crackling noise moving
at a real fast click. sorry i don't have any picture's but i want to know where it landed.
-bill walker

Topeka, KS to Emporia, KS
We saw the meteor tonight on our drive from Topeka, KS to Emporia, KS. It was about 9:30pm or so I believe. It was an amazing sight! It was orange and yellow and then turned into a green color. It just looked like a fireball floating through the sky. -Cristina D

Mannford, Ok.
I saw this fireball/meteor tonight.  It was between 9:15-9:30 pm.  I live in Mannford, Oklahoma off of Highway 48 half way between highway 33 and highway 51.  My husband & I were taking our dog outside & we were actually watching a bat fly around our security light catching bugs.  I was looking off to the southwest 
& out of NO WHERE this big ball came across the sky.  I was yelling at my husband
to look because I was speechless.  To me, it look close to the size of a basketball & looked 
like the headlight of a car.  It was moving fast.  As soon as my husband turned around to see it 
it was turning a green color & then was gone.  It kind of had orange sparks coming off of it...
I was amazed & could not believe what I saw.  My husband researched to see if it was just us & 
ran across your website.  Hope this helps!!
Sincerely, Janet Blumer - Mannford, Ok.

Oklahoma City, OK
Found your website searching "meteor" oklahoma and the date,
We were driving on northwest expressway, a few miles away from the okc city limits out in the country at about nwexpwy and cimmeron road (where there are few lights and little traffic at night.)
Suddenly there were blue flashes around the car, I was driving and confused for a second as to where it was comming from, I looked out the drivers side window to see if there were a power outage making street lights flash, but then thought "what street lights?".
The girls in the car and I all said "what is that?" at the same time, the flashes were so bright.
As I leaned into the drivers side window to look out; another flash above caught my eye and I realized it was something on fire in the air.
This was the biggest thing Ive ever seen on fire flashing through the sky. I was driving my daughters friend to her house and she was in the seat behind me. So she saw the meteor too, and we both wondered if it might be a plane exploding.
My daughter was in the passenger seat and could only see the flashes, it light up the front glass and the south side glass of the car, plus the entire outside around.
We were driving towards the northwest on the highway, so the flashes were on the south side of the car, to see the meteor, I had to lean to the window and look up a little.
The trail behind the fireball looked like a comet. There were numerous firey peices, large ones that were red, white, and blue/white, in quite a distance behind it, and it lasted longer than any shooting star Ive ever seen.
There should definately be something that fell to the earth somewhere.( If this wasnt a plane or rocket exploding, it missed it's chance) it should at least be one of the biggest meteors around.
If you cant tell, we were a little shaken up, because it looked like something exploding in the sky, and the light of each explosion reaching all the way down to our car was unbelievable, it was a litte unnerving, alone in the dark with just two 15 year old girls, wondering if it might be a missle that was shot at oklahoma City.
We will book mark your page to see if someone turns in a video of this!
Thanks ,- Brenda O'Hern Six

Lavon, Texas
I went outside a bit after 9 in Lavon Texas. I'm not very good with directions but our house faces south I believe. Towards Wylie and Sachse. If I was indeed facing south then the bright white glow moved east to west. (left to right) it was amazing. I have seen meteor showers before living out in Waxahachie on dark nights away from city lights but this was incredible. It was not like any "shooting star" I have ever seen. It was low in the horizon and from my perspective as big as an orange. It was a brilliant white glow with a 4-6 inch tail that coned into a point like the fire discharging from a jet engine. I will probably never see anything like it again in my lifetime (with the exception of possible end of world in 2012 LOL) and am very grateful to have had that wonderful opportunity. -Nic

Dripping Springs, Texas 
We saw the green ball of light falling across the sky last night in Dripping Springs, Texas around 9:00ish. Thank you, -Lisa

Rockwall, Texas
I'm unable to attest to color but this meteor was very large and hung in the sky for a significant amount of time. It was as bright as or brighter than the North Star. I witnessed this from just south of Rockwall, Tx with almost zero light pollution at approximately 8:45, March 23, 2011
- David King

Lucas, Texas
I saw this last night…it was about 9:15 ish. We were driving on Ingram Lane going North, when I saw a VERY large, VERY bright light to the North West. It actually took me a second to figure out what I was looking at!
This is a rural area and I thought it might have been a helicopter search light or something. But just as I figured out what it was, it faded away. It was bright white with maybe a hint of green. It was about midway above the horizon and traveling north. I told my husband that I bet part of that thing landed somewhere! Hope this information helps and would love to know what you find out about it! Thank-you, -Donna Bradshaw

Fort Worth, Texas
Date of sighting: 03-23-2011. Time of sighting: around 8:30 pm cst
I am located on the west side of fort worth just outside loop 820 and just north of I-30. I was facing northwest and spotted the meteor just for a moment as it was nearing the ground and disappeared from my view behind the houses nearby. I could not judge distance or size although I was struck by the large size and bright green light. I took my compass out this morning and would estimate that it disappeared from view at a bearing of 310 degrees. It appeared to move left to right at a downward angle of approximately 30 degrees. It appeared round in shape with a bright green glow. The tail behind the ball was not long only about four or five times the width. Thanks, -Greg Richardson

35 from Waco to Fort Worth, Texas
I saw it falling from the sky while driving on 35 from Waco to Fort Worth, Texas.It was so dark but maybe in the area of the "skydive"field.East side of the highway.
It was amazing. March 23 ,2011 Time between 8;00 pm and 9:00pm The color was a firey yellow with a little green. At first it looked like fireworks falling down to earth. There was a tail of smaller sparkles as it arched down like an arrow followed the ball.It moved very fast.
I could not get my cell phone camera ready fast enough to photograph since I was driving. -Anon.

Mustang OK...
My son and I saw the fireball last night over our house in Mustang, OK. It started off looking like a shooting star, and I pointed it out to my son. but as it was heading NW to SE it turned from a whiteish green, to a bright orange fireball, and we could hear it crackle as it went overhead. I know this isn't much, but I hope it helps your pursuit.
Craig Boswell...thank you Craig!

Ponca City OK...
Per your web site request, I would like to report I saw the possible meteor Wednesday evening between 9: 20 and 9:30 PM. My location was in Ponca City, OK. located in Kay County, approximately 15 miles east of I-35 and about 20 miles south of the Oklahoma/Kansas border.
It was a bright green orb trailing what appeared to be minuet sparks and a glowing vapor trail. It was seen looking to the west, appearing from behind a tree at about the 10 or 11 o'clock position in the sky. It quickly moved in what appeared to to be a southeast trajectory and was only seen for a few seconds.
Perhaps this will be of some assistance in your research-Al Ritter... very much so! thanks.

Mar 24 2011, 8:36 PM
Guest917 (guest): I witnessed the meteor last night 7 miles west of Nocona, Texas near the Red River in north Texas. The object moved from the south to the north between 8:30-8:35pm the meteor was low on the horizon west of my location. Hope this helps!

Tom Radle writes...

Observed what looked like a large meteor in the NW sky at approximately 15 to 20 degrees elevation at around 9:15 on March 23.  The meteor had a distinct large “head’ and a small trailing tail that appeared like a sparkler.

Gina Pearson In Godley TX writes...

I ALWAYS watch the skies......
pullin into my driveway this evening.. saw the comet? was orange at first as it was falling changed to green... fell slowly.. afer the "light" went out on the object i could still see whatever it was falling through the sky... watched it til i could see no more through the trees...
gina, godley texas

David In Abilene TX writes...
We live in Abilene, Texas.  I didn't see it, but my wife did.  She was sitting on the porch and saw this Green Fireball come down from the sky at approx. 8:45pm (March 23, 2011).  She said it started about 30 degrees above the horizon looking NNW.  It traveled from West to East (Left to Right) in a downward slope and it lasted about 3-4 seconds.  She said the head was Green and Blue, but mostly Green.  She said the tail was Red and Yellow and looked like fire.  She said that as it fizzled out it looked like a piece broke off from it.
  I wished that I had seen it too.  It sounded like it was a beautiful and amazing firework from God.  I hope this report helps to identify where it actually hit.

Susie Floyd writes: Yes! I saw it. Everybody said i was just seeing things so i googled it and found this site.  It was about 9:15 pm wednesday 3/23/2011.  In burleson tx.

--- Denver, Colorado ~9pm MDT (different meteor event)
Saw a very bright meteor heading east toward yale and I-25 around 9pm not sure what time it was exactly. First time I seen one that was not overhead. Very bright just above the horizon. Couldn’t tell you how big it was Looked maybe from that distance size of a compact car or half the size of one Looked like it was going to strike within Colorado far east

If anyone else saw this meteor event please email. We need the time, the location (town) you were when you saw it, the start and end locations in the sky and the direction of travel of the meteor; thank you!

8:55:00 PM

Breaking News...Large Green Meteor Fireball TX OK KS 23Mar2011

Numerous Inquiries To ELPALLSKY Of A Potential Major Fireball Bolide Seen From Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas...23MAR2011...

***If You Saw This Event, Please E-mail wxtx01@gmail.com w/ details...Video-Pictures? We need videos or pictures as soon as possible to determine whether this fireball produced meteorites. Thank You!***

Fort Worth, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for meteor sighting Texas march 23 2011.
19:59:17 -- 49 minutes ago
Kiowa, Kansas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for meteors falling in KS 3/23/2011.
Denton, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Jan 19, 2011" by searching for green streak sky denton texas.
Edmond, Oklahoma arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for ufo edmond ok mar 23 2011.
20:25:38 -- 24 minutes ago
Tulsa, Oklahoma arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for meteor fireball march 23.
Plano, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Breaking Meteor News Texas...Major Bright Green Fireball Bolide Seen Over Dallas-Fort Worth And Central TX ~10:30 pm CST 12 Mar 2011" by searching for bright green metior spotted over north dallas.
United States arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Mar 23, 2011" by searching for metior north texas march 23 2011.
20:29:38 -- 21 minutes ago
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: UPDATE TO BREAKING USA METEOR NEWS...Large US East Coast Meteor Fireball Bolide DEC28, 2010!!!" by searching for sparks green glow meteor.
20:31:59 -- 18 minutes ago
Dallas, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for meteors in texas march 23 2011.
Houston, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for comet seen night 3-23-2011 texas panhandle.
Austin, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Mar 23, 2011" by searching for fireball in the sky march 23 2011.
20:43:36 -- 8 minutes ago
Frisco, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for bright object falling from sky north Texas.
Flowood, Mississippi arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Bright Meteor Fireball North Texas And Oklahoma Captured By Sentinel All Sky Camera 08MAR2011" by searching for bright meteors over north texas.
20:49:09 -- 3 minutes ago

11:17:00 AM

Two Bright Meteors Captured By OKC Sandia Sentinel All Sky Camera 23MAR2011

First Bright Meteor Captures From Newly Installed OKC Sentinel All Sky Cam-Sandia Fireball Network...05:18:40 UTC and 05:51:07 UTC 23MAR2011
OKC Meteor 05:18:40 UTC-12:18:40 a.m. CDT 23MAR2011 (c) 2011 James Beauchamp-OKC Sandia Sentinel 

OKC Meteor 05:511:07 UTC-12:51:07 a.m. CDT 23MAR2011 (c) 2011 James Beauchamp-OKC Sandia Sentinel

11:01:00 PM

Breaking News...Large Bright Meteor Fireball Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina 7:32 pm EDT 22Mar2100

Internet traffic and emails to ELPALLSKY indicate a significant fireball seen from NC 22MAR2011
Email From Ivanna T. March 22, 2011 around 7:32 pm. Driving from Durham to Raleigh on hwy 40 I saw a large bright white fireball in the sky seemingly near the airport.
Aiken, South Carolina arrived from elpasoallsky.blogspot.com on "elp allsky".
14:08:52 -- 8 hours 39 mins ago
Burgaw, North Carolina arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for fireball falling out of sky March 22, 2011.
17:44:39 -- 5 hours 5 mins ago
Hudson, North Carolina arrived on "elp allsky: Bright Green Streak In CA Sky-Meteor Fireball Indicated By Internet Traffic 06:45-06:47 PDT 14 MAR2011".
19:39:25 -- 3 hours 10 mins ago
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina arrived on "elp allsky: Mar 22, 2011".
Wilmington, North Carolina arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Breaking Meteor News Texas...Major Bright Green Fireball Bolide Seen Over Dallas-Fort Worth And Central TX ~10:30 pm CST 12 Mar 2011" by searching for i just saw a meteor green.
Rocky Point, North Carolina arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Bright NE And New England Meteor Fireball 29JAN2011" by searching for fireball in nc 3 22 2011.
20:18:47 -- 2 hours 32 mins ago
Dalton, Georgia arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: "Mystery" Fireball Over Atlanta GA ?...Is No Mystery !" by searching for ga fireball.
20:17:05 -- 2 hours 35 mins ago
Durham, North Carolina arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Meteor Capture By Hermosillo MX Sandia All Sky Camera 19MAR2011" by searching for fireballs in the sky 2011. 20:22:05 -- 2 hours 30 mins ago
Apex, North Carolina arrived from aim.search.aol.com on "elp allsky".
20:34:29 -- 2 hours 18 mins ago
Raleigh, North Carolina arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Jan 12, 2011" by searching for saw something in sky raleigh, nc.
20:39:54 -- 2 hours 13 mins ago
Yadkinville, North Carolina arrived on "elp allsky".
21:14:12 -- 1 hour 39 mins ago
From Local News: 
Local 911 callers report meteor sighting
StarNewsOnline.com (blog) by Brian Freskos: A possible meteorite entering the Earth's atmosphere late Tuesday evening had 911 centers in Southeastern North Carolina fielding
multiple phone calls from concerned residents. New Hanover County emergency
dispatchers interviewed ... http://yellowtape.blogs.starnewsonline.com/14304/local-911-callers-report-meteor-sighting/

Mar 23 2011, 7:15 AM
Guest130 (guest): I was driving south on Hwy NC 94 around 730 pm when I looked towards the east and notice a bright ligth, silver color on the front and bright orange on the tail, it lastest a few seconds and it was gone, anyone has any comments on this?
Mar 23 2011, 12:52 PM
Guest506 (guest): I saw the meteorite from Little River South Carolina at approximatelly 7:30 PM on 3-22-2011 appearing in the northeast sky. It looked like a shooting star, but was totally visible in the daylight sky. It appeared a bright white, starting as a largest ball and fading to an arched tail.was surfing around 7:30 and saw a bright ball of light with a tail, fall across the sky.  it looked as if it was on fire, with flames bursting all around it!

I saw it in Wilmington NC
Constance H. Knox
General Manager

Mary Turner: I was traveling east on 40 just past Harrison Ave in Cary at 7:33 when I saw a big fireball. It was amazing because the sky wasn't yet dark. It appeared to be dropping straight down, and it was to the south of the highway. It seemed to flare up a few times and have a greenish tint. I almost thought I was seeing an emergency flare or firework, but realized it was too big. Amazing!
Longtime amateur astronomer Conrad Pope saw a brilliant meteor cross the sky last night around 7:30 PM from Wilmington. He also said he heard reports of folks seeing the object.  It was seen only about five minutes after sunset.
Conrad reports “I tracked it for over 80 degrees and about 8 seconds.  Medium speed with an intense blue head and about a 10 degree orange tail. Have not seen any images but the local TV stations and the paper have a shorts stories with some witness comments.  It was much brighter than the full moon and resembled magnesium burning.  Waited for a sonic boom but heard nothing.”

***If you saw this event, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with details. Also, video and photos if you have them. Please indicate whether you saw local TV NEWS video. Thank You!***

12:35:00 AM

Eastern New Mexico Meteor Fireball 20MAR2011

Looking For Additional Observations !!! If you saw a fireball in the area of Eastern New Mexico, Southeastern Colorado or the panhandle of Texas the night of 20-21 Mar. 2011, please provide us with a time, your location and what you observed at wxtx01@gmail.com . Thank you!

Trinidad, Colorado arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Mar 20, 2011" by searching for fireball eastern new mexico march 20, 2011.
19:13:42 -- 5 hours 19 mins ago

12:15:00 PM

Smithsonian Gets Meteorite That Hit Va. Doctor's Office...20MAR2011

6:56:00 PM

Meteor Capture By Hermosillo MX Sandia All Sky Camera 19MAR2011

Hermosillo Mexico Sandia All Sky Camera 07:24:26 UTC Probable Antihelion...

(c) 2011 Hermosillo Sandia All Sky-Dr. S. Aguirre

10:50:00 PM

Possible Meteor Fireball Seen From Dallas TX ~11:30 PM CDT 18MAR2011

Dallas, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for fireball over n texas tonight.
22:31:58 -- 14 minutes ago
***ELPALLSKY Readers...If you witnessed this event please e-mail me at wxtx01@gmail.com or chat about it in the Chat Window. Thank you!***

10:33:00 PM

Internet Traffic Suggests Large Early A.M. Central AZ Meteor Fireball 18MAR2011

Bright Meteor Fireball Indicated Over Phoenix And Surrounding Areas 3:30 a.m. MST 18MAR2011 

 ***ELPALLSKY Readers...If you witnessed this event please e-mail me at wxtx01@gmail.com or chat about it in the Chat Window. Thank you!***

Surprise, Arizona arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for meteor fireball arizona.
20:51:53 -- 1 hour 19 mins ago
Los Angeles, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for Glendale az fireballs falling from sky.
20:56:48 -- 1 hour 20 mins ago
Dallas, Texas arrived from bing.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for larger meteor over arizona.
23:00:34 -- 1 minute ago
Peoria, Arizona arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for fireball arizona sky March 18, 2011.
22:47:30 -- 18 minutes ago
Sun City, Arizona arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Internet Traffic Suggests Large Early A.M. Central AZ Meteor Fireball 18MAR2011" by searching for Fireball Arizona March 18, 2011.
22:46:29 -- 21 minutes ago
Tempe, Arizona arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for ufos in arizona sky march 18, 2011.
00:17:01 -- 2 minutes ago

11:13:00 PM

Meteor Fireball Captured By Hermosillo Sandia All Sky Camera 17MAR2011

Captured by the Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico Sandia All Sky Camera 10:14:19 UTC (04:14:19 MDT)
(2011) Hermosillo, MX Sandia All Sky Camera-Dr. S. Aguirre

9:14:00 PM

Bright Green Streak In CA Sky-Meteor Fireball Indicated By Internet Traffic 06:45-06:47 PDT 14 MAR2011

***ELPALLSKY Readers...If you witnessed this event please e-mail me at wxtx01@gmail.com or chat about it in the Chat Window. Thank you!***
Video or photos of this event? Please email them to wxtx01@gmail.com

Arroyo Grande, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Meteor News...California Fireball NOV13, 2010 9pm CST" by searching for I saw a fire ball go in front.
Ripon, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: N TX Green Fireball Event Indicated By Searches On ELPALLSKY 06MAR2011" by searching for elp allsky green fireball.
Los Angeles, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Bright Light Streaks Across Seattle Sky Wednesday Morning" by searching for light streak in southern california sky.
20:34:16 -- 34 minutes ago
Huntington Beach, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for meteor green light in sky over california mar 14, 2011 .
Soquel, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: California Green Meteor Fireball Reported 28FEB2011..." by searching for green meteor in north cali.
22:17:04 -- 1 minute ago
Guadalupe Rodriguez wrote:
Hello on Monday morning I witnessed the green light cross the Los Angeles Basin Sky. I was in the city of South Gate, Ca driving northbound.
The morning was just starting. The morning scenary was between dark and dawn. There was an overcast sky with clouds. My husband also witnessed it from the city of Lynwood, Ca. We are about 10 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It was bright green in color, it was crossing from west to east with a long tail. Just wanted to share with you that we witnessed. What was it? Thank you.
Roman Koropeckyj Wrote:
March 14, Westwood, California, ca. 6:40AM, looking due north, saw very
bright bluish green meteor streaking from west to east, quite low on the
horizon. Confirmation of this sighting would be appreciated for the sake of
my sanity. Roman Koropeckyj UCLA
Email From Pampa Thompson...
Monday morning about 6:45am I saw this green fire light fall briefly while sitting in my driveway.  I was facing North.  I immeditealy thougt it might be  fireworks, but it looked too big and bright to be that, besides it was very much daylight due to the time change.
 What do you think it was?

9:05:00 PM

Internet Inquiries Suggest Possible GA Fireball 14MAR2011...

***ELPALLSKY Readers...If you witnessed this event please e-mail me at wxtx01@gmail.com or chat about it in the Chat Window. Thank you!***
Tunnel Hill, Georgia arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Large BC Canada Meteor Fireball Reported to ELPALLSKY 12MAR2011..." by searching for meteor fireball 2011.
18:04:55 -- 2 hours 53 mins ago
United States arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for green UFO outside Decatur.
18:18:26 -- 2 hours 41 mins ago

10:50:00 PM

Breaking Meteor News Texas...Major Bright Green Fireball Bolide Seen Over Dallas-Fort Worth And Central TX ~10:30 pm CST 12 Mar 2011

 Witness Sightings of 12MAR2011 Texas Meteor
(c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google Earth
***Readers...This is shaping up to be a major meteor event. If you saw this fireball/bolide, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with a description including your location, the direction you were facing. which way it moved (left to right etc. is ok), the color and size, and any booming sounds you may have heard shortly(+- 1 minute) after the event. Also indicate whether it appeared to fragment and how high above the horizon it appeared and disappeared Thank You !! ELPALLSKY***
We need video/pics of this. If you see or hear of video/pics please email. Thank you!
Email From Tonya H... Saw it about30  min ago (10:20-10:30 pm CST), green then blue and turned yellow, I'm in greenville Texas. It traveled south to north in the eastern sky . Most beautiful and extremely large. Just made my nite. First report, thank you Tonya!
Email From Bill...10:59 pm CST...Just saw this over Austin going south Thanks Bill!
From The Chat Box...Mar 12 2011, 9:19 PM MST
Guest610-Cathy S..: I saw it as I was coming out of Downtown Ft. Worth after the Bass Hall concert. It went from the 2 O'clock to 8 O'clock and filled half of our windshield. Saw one in Mansfield a couple of months ago. Thank you Cathy!
Anonymous Email...I saw the largest meteor it was green and it was cloudy and we were in town and still saw it. I live in Denton, Tx. Not sure about the time, maybe around 10:30. 
From The Chat Box...Mar 12 2011, 9:55 PM MST
Guest57 (guest): Traveling tonight N to NE around 10:20-30 and saw the green "meteor" in the Texas sky. Are we sure it was a meteor? I've seen many meteor showers and this didn't look like any meteor I've ever seen. What made it look green and why was it so big?
Email from Anonymous...I saw the meteor, in DFW area, at around 10:30 pm. It was arcing from the south, to the north with a bright green tail-so awesome!
Andrew emails...Spotted a green fireball UFO over Dallas at approx 10:20 PM 3/12/11. trajectory 45 degree angle northeastern. lasted about 2 to 3 seconds, very bright Thanks Andrew!
On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 12:21 AM, Taylor W. wrote:
In the Fort Worth area, NE 820 area.. Facing east sitting talking to a friend then saw the object come from the South and streak across to theNorth.. From my point of view I say it was 30-40 percent angle of elevation from the horizon? Could me more but looked close! First meteor I've seen that close so estimation of size.. unknown. Color green, almost like a fluorescent or a bright lime green glow effect.. Long white/grayish tail.. Once again unknown estimation of length. Also saw bright orange debris fall off within the 2-3 seconds I saw it pass. Amazing to witness, never seen anything like it before. Looked so close me and my friend waited a bit to see if we could here the impact wherever it may have hit. Was going at a downward slope.. 30ish percent? didn't capture any media of the event since it was so quick and random but my friend as a witness can account for it too. Great report, thank you!
Email From R. Yohman...Green fireball sighted in Garland, TX at about 10:15 p.m. on March 12, 2011.  Facing east, I saw bright greenish blue ball that was larger than a full moon,  the leading edge was concave but the rest of it was round.  It was about 45 degrees from horizon, headed south to north in an arc.  I lost sight of it at about 30 degrees.   It was a spectacular sighting lasting only a few seconds.  Wow!! Thank you for your report
From Chris Pope In Austin TX...
Hi, my wife and I were driving home from downtown Austin last night and we were heading back on Central Texas Highway 360 and were heading north on 360 – my wife reckons at 360/Bee Caves when we saw it. It was brilliant white and we saw it clearly in the sky for several seconds falling from upper right in the sky to low left in the sky. My wife says she saw blue/green tinges but both of us agree it appeared to fiery, like a huge firework with a tail. It wasn’t just an ordinary point of light like a shooting star. Here’s the tweet I sent at 10:38 yesterday evening “Omg - just saw the most amazing shooting star driving down 360 ... 4 seconds long from right to left. Biggest shooting Star I've seen”
Keep me posted with more info please J Thank You Chris!

From Pat Carroll In Central TX...
At 2240 I was walking my dog in Mansfield Texas and saw a bright neon green light “just appear” in the sky.  I say this because I was looking at the stars on such a beautiful clear night and it was in my direct line of vision.  It was stationary for such a brief period of time, (1 second), then moved very fast from West to East direction.  When it shot off the fairly round green light “stretched” to a short bullet size and a bright white trail was left behind.  It did not go in a downward trajectory but seemed to stay even with the horizon then go slightly upward before the entire green light, including the white trail, was just gone with no evidence it had ever been there.  I heard no sound and saw no collision effects.  It was such an awesome sight that lasted about 3 to 4 seconds and I will never forget that green color that seemed to glow from deep inside and had a strange sense of illumination. 
Thanks for reading,  Pat Carroll  Thank You Pat! Great Report...
Email From Jay... My Wife and I were driving North/East and saw the Meteor heading from Right to left. It had a green flame behind it and the flame went out very fast. I didn't hear in bank or see it but if I to guess I would say it hit down somewhere near Decatur,TX or Graham, TX. Would be interested if you have any information.   Thanks,  Jay Thanks Jay!
From Robert In Rockwall, TX...
Around 10:30p saw slow traveling ball moving SE>NE linear across the horizon.
Began as a yellow to orange to red to green to blue then white before fading away. No trail, no sound, did not appear to fragment, just faded out. Appeared as more of a perfectly round orb then a meteor. This was witnessed by myself and 4 other persons. -Robert Thank you Robert!
Email From Samantha In Ft. Worth...We were traveling east bound on 183, about 10:30pm close to boomerjacks when we saw the green glow come from the south and go north..   :)  We were wondering if we were going crazy! It was green, very light green!! Thank you Samantha!
Email from Rolanda-Lufkin TX...
Saw the "meteor" Saturday night, I live in Lufkin, Texas. It was going north. It was bright like a shooting star, but with a green color that later turned into gold sparkles like a firework. I heard no sound, it just evaporated before our eyes. A friend and I debated whether it was a firework for a moment bc it seemed quite low @ the time. Very amazing. Thanks Rolanda!
From Debby Alcorn & Tracey W Prosper, TX
My daughter in law and I were sitting in the hot tub in Prosper Tx and we saw in the eastern sky streaking south to north a very bright ball that seemed to have 3 streaming blue “tails” that combined to be one bright blue tail. It seemed to last maybe 2-3 seconds. My husband and my grandson were outside for maybe 2 minutes and we all happened to be together for this event. Afterwards we were trying to determine a way to “measure” the size of the ball itself and there was an almost perfect half moon and we determined that the main bright ball was about 1/3 the size of the moon that was visible tonight. It was beautiful! My son died suddenly almost 3 years ago and his 6 yr old son, my grandson who was here, always says that Daddy is one of the stars shining on him, we told him this was probably Daddy telling him how happy he was that we are always all together but when the meteor was gone he didn’t like the idea that it “burned out” so we had to revise our story to him. We feel blessed to have seen this! Debby Alcorn Prosper, TX-Tracey W Frisco, TX  Wonderful Story. Thank you for the Report!
Hope, Carmine Tx 12 Mar 2011 10:30 pm CST
Saw a very cool meteor Sat night. It appeared as a yellow ball with a wide tail following. It began in the East and traveled North. I am not fantastic with directions but those with me seemed to think East to North was the direction. It moved much more slowly than a shooting star. Very interesting. We did not notice any color other than yellow. The fireball and tail appeared very bright and was an amazing sight!  Thanks Hope
From M.J. Garza DFW Approx. 10:30pm cst.
Heading East on State Hwy. 114, a few miles East of IH-35 (East of the Texas Motorplex Speedway).  I believe we were in, or approaching, the town of Roanoke.
A bright, almost florescent, green ball (with a tail trailing) was seen directly over Hwy. 114, going from South to North direction. It was quite close to the ground; appeared to only be a couple to a few hundred yards away (but it may have seemed so close, because it looked so large). The light only lasted for about 2 to 5 seconds, before disappearing.
The sky was clear in places, but was also cloudy with very low lying clouds.  The green light was seen where the clouds were. Sorry, no video; the event happened too fast.  We assumed it was a meteor that had to have hit the ground, since it was so low, and that the clouds gave the effect of the green light.  We were driving in our car, with the radio on, so didn’t hear anything either.  Thank you M.J.
From Michael Elliott Austin, TX
I was downtown Austin (east 6th St. at Liberty Bar to be exact) facing
North/NorthEast. Looking to the side of a friend's face my eyes were drawn up above the roof in the back 'yard' of the bar. It was moving Right to Left, and not really dropping
too much. Big green ball, and first glance it caught my attention that I was not seeing a
plane light correctly.Then it registered that the pattern was like a satellite
or meteor... but less fleeting than a usual shooting star high in the sky. There
was a bit of orange streaming behind it, but really the green/blue ball was what
caught my eye. Excited that I wasn't the only one.
-Mike  Thanks Michael

10:36:00 PM

NASA ASGARD All Sky Cameras Capture Bright Northwest GA/ AL Fireball 11MAR2011

From NASA Huntsville, Bill Cooke MSFC Reports Video Capture Of Georgia Alabama Bright Fireball 04:55:44 UTC 11:55:44 EST 11MAR2011...Video, composite image and trajectory maps below...

5:48:00 AM

Bright Meteor Fireball Captured By ELPALLSKY Sentinel Camera 12MAR2011...

Bright Flashing Meteor Fireball Over El Paso TX 11:20:19 UTC-04:20:19 MST 12Mar2011

4:33:00 AM

Large BC Canada Meteor Fireball Reported to ELPALLSKY 12MAR2011...

Email From Jacquieb In BC Canada...a white flash lit up the sky near comox b.c.canada for several seconds and caused static on radio march 12 12 30 am pacific time
Email From Emily F. Union Bay B.C...My boyfriend and I live in Union Bay, BC (near Comox) and we also saw, felt and heard something early this morning sometime between 12:00 and 12:30 am (forgot to check the time).
We were inside our house when we saw a bright white light flash outside, followed a couple of seconds later by a loud cracking, explosive sound and felt the house shake. That sound was followed by a loud roaring kind of sound that seemed to travel from the west to the east.
We ran outside onto our front porch and could still hear the roaring sound but didn't see anything else. We also heard a motion detector alarm go off from another house down the hill from us.At first we thought it was lightning, but the sound that followed was definitely not thunder. If you have any other information about this or links please send them on. Very curious to what this was. Thanks, Emily F.

***BC Canada Readers...If you also saw this event please email me at wxtx01@gmail.com with details. Thank you!***

3:30:00 PM

Meteor News...Green Meteor Fireball N TX, OK, KS, AR 10MAR2011

Green Fireball 9:15-9:50 pm 10MAR2010 Seen To The North From Dallas Tx
Email From Karen M.-Dallas My husband & I were driving on highway 635 headed northward (near towneast mall) at approximately  9:15 p.m. Central time saw bright green fireball blazing across in front of us (from right to left). Was spectacular! Hope you filmed it. I've seen many shooting stars but this was my first big green one. Looked like it was pretty close- maybe coming in about 45 -50 degree angle off ground. Also it may have been closer to 9:45 when we saw it. thank you Karen!
Guest238 (guest) wrote: I live in Southeast Ks, Independence, around 9:40pm on March 10, 2011 I saw a very large Green meteor fireball, appeared to make it almost all the way to the ground and of course it looked like it was only a couple of miles away, but it wasnt. My first Green Meteorite and Ive watched a long time..was very impressed
Guest45 (guest) wrote: witnessed large fireball from Springdale, Ar. 9:50PM
Dallas, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: N TX Green Fireball Event Indicated By Searches On ELPALLSKY 06MAR2011" by searching for green fireball in the sky dallas.
17:34:43 -- 1 hour 27 mins ago
Carrollton, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: N TX Green Fireball Event Indicated By Searches On ELPALLSKY 06MAR2011" by searching for green meteor.
18:30:00 -- 4 hours 57 mins ago
Dallas, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: N TX Green Fireball Event Indicated By Searches On ELPALLSKY 06MAR2011" by searching for green fireball in the sky dallas.
17:34:43 -- 5 hours 53 mins ago
Fort Worth, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Meteor News...Green Meteor Fireball N TX, OK, KS, AR 10MAR2011" by searching for reports of green fireball on march 10, 2011.
16:19:48 -- 7 hours 8 mins ago
Garland, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Meteor News...Green Meteor Fireball N TX, OK, KS, AR 10MAR2011" by searching for green fireball 2011 Dallas, TX.
14:54:53 -- 8 hours 34 mins ago
Crowley, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Bright Meteor Fireball North Texas And Oklahoma Captured By Sentinel All Sky Camera 08MAR2011" by searching for meteor north texas march 2011.
14:49:40 -- 8 hours 39 mins ago
Lafayette, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for Dallas green streak sky march 10.
17:40:27 -- 5 hours 49 mins ago

***Readers...If you saw this event please email wxtx01@gmail.com and describe what you saw. Thank you for your reports!***

3:24:00 PM

Increase In Green Meteor Fireball Events Expected As NEO's Approach This Weekend 11MAR2011


1 AU = ~150 million kilometers
1 LD = Lunar Distance = ~384,000 kilometers

(2000 EB14)  2011-Mar-11 0.1346 52.4 63 m - 140 m 23.1 12.76
(2010 JK1)  2011-Mar-11 0.1848 71.9 35 m - 78 m 24.4 4.67
(2011 EU20)  2011-Mar-11 0.0042 1.6 9.5 m - 21 m 27.2 9.33
(2005 EY169)  2011-Mar-11 0.0727 28.3 100 m - 230 m 22.1 12.39
(2011 EE41)  2011-Mar-11 0.1158 45.1 36 m - 82 m 24.3 6.50
(2011 EM11)  2011-Mar-12 0.0670 26.1 33 m - 74 m 24.5 6.55
(2007 CT26)  2011-Mar-12 0.1810 70.5 57 m - 130 m 23.4 8.41
(2011 ES4)  2011-Mar-13 0.0287 11.2 20 m - 44 m 25.7 6.99

10:23:00 PM

Another Italy Fireball Bolide Captured By IMTN Cameras 08MAR2011...

The Italian Meteor and Transient Luminous Event Network Captures Flight Of Another Bolide 08MAR2011 At 23:42:28 UTC

Video & composite image of fireball bolide provided by Nico Montigiani ( IMTN )
Data: Fireball 2011.03.08_23.42.28.330 ± 1 UT
Full track (J2000)
RA (degrees): 108,523  Decl i (°): 6,511
AR f (°): 104,003  Decl f (°): -4199
Initial azimuth (°): 256.53  Initial height (°): 22.80
Final azimuth (°): 252.12  FH (°): 11.97
Transit duration (s): 7360  Wake duration (s): 0.000
No fragmentation  Number of flares: 3
Apparent magnitude max: -8.6 ± 0.2  Zenithal magnitude max: -11.7 ± 0.2
Meteor shower: SPO  Note: Very slow
Spectrum to first order: NO  Color camera: NO
VLF radio signal: NO  Eco VHF radio: NO

(c) 2011 IMTN all rights reserved