11:59:00 PM

Kentucky Meteor Fireball 22OCT2011

Email From
Gary D.-Lexington, KY:
Very bright, almost like a magnesium flame. Roughly shaped like a truncated
triangle with narrow part in the front. Some trailing streak. Appeared to be
very low to ground or moving more perpendicular towards ground than would
have expected of meteors.
Almost appeared to "crash" nearby and we even thought to look for a crash
We were in car in wooded residential area traveling WNW and the streak was
moving nearly exactly from the east to the west so it came into view as it
passed over car and appeared as if it would impact. It was lost from view as
it seemed to pass though the trees and was lost from sight. My front seat
passenger and I both reacted out loud as though we'd seen a crashing burning

11:45:00 PM

Michigan Meteor Fireball 22OCT2011

Email From:
Michael M.-I696, MI:
I was driving home from work on I 696 between the cities of Farmington Hills and Novi Michigan at 3am this morning and saw a bright green fire ball to the north come down.  It only lasted a couple of seconds.

1:59:00 AM

Lakeway Texas Meteor Fireball 22OCT2011

Email From:
Ashley L.-Lakeway, TX:
I live in Lakeway, TX.  Saturday night sometime between 10 PM and 10:30 PM I saw a VERY bright and fast light that had a slightly green tint to it.  It was in the west, possibly west-northwest sky.  It looked as if it was falling straight down.  The light disappeared quickly.  It looked like it was many miles away.  I had never seen anything like it.   Thanks Ashley! Others???

1:15:00 AM

Bright Orionid Meteor Captured By ELPALLSKY Fireball Camera 22OCT2011

From ELPALLSKY...The Orionids Are Underway !!!

Nice Orionid Over El Paso, TX To Start The Show !! 22OCT2011 06:44:44 UTC 12:44am MDT
image above and movie below courtesy and (c) 2011 ELPALLSKY-Jim Gamble

12:05:00 AM

BC Canada Meteor Fireball 22OCT2011

Email From:
Robert P.-Surrey BC, Canada
large slow moving streak across the entire sky from southeast to northwest
very orange flame with a shower of bright white bits coming off.
a shower of bright white bits at the northwest, and a brief orange glow after.