5:09:00 PM

Meteor News...Williamson Iowa Meteor/Fireball

Fireball Meteor over southern Iowa - Williamson,Iowa, KCCI's u ...
Fireball Meteor captured with my all sky camera at my Observatory the morning
of October 30,2010,,at 12:30am....Tim Cline,,Lucas County Iowa.... (video link)...

11:45:00 AM

Will Comet Hartley 2 spawn a new meteor shower?

It’s very unlikely, but two intriguing pieces of evidence point to Hartley 2, the comet of the moment,  as a possible source of two recent bright fireballs seen over Canada and the southeastern U.S. On Oct. 16, two NASA all-sky cameras (more)...

Comet Hartley sports a short tail extending to the lower right in this photo taken earlier this month. Credit: Michael Jaeger

11:27:00 AM

Full Moon Doesn't Phase Orionids Viewing

Despite the fullness of the moon, the all-sky meteor camera at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., managed to detect a decent number of Orionid meteors this October -- 41 in total! These meteors, produced by debris from Halley's Comet, travel at 146,000 miles per hour and burn up high in the atmosphere. (more)...
Shown above are two Orionid meteors observed on Oct. 21, 2010.  The shower radiant, located near the constellation Orion, is easily visible.

2:18:00 AM

Unusual Meteor Activity Over Mexico

Dr. Salvador Aguirre of Hermosillo, Sonora NW Mexico captured an unusual outburst of activity on his Sentinel All Sky Camera Oct. 26. 6 events in a 4.5 hour period occured between 07:15 UTC and 11:25 UTC. A check of the El Paso, TX camera 491km (305mi) away did not reveal the outburst. (Hermosillo camera images below courtesy Dr. Salvador Aguirre). No speculation yet as to a possible radiant. Updates later on this site.