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Nov 25 2011, 12:40 AM Guest231 (guest):
saw a blue light go into an upward direction and then vanish after a couple seconds around 12:15 am this morning. from CT
Nov 25 2011, 10:51 PM Guest74 (guest):
approximately 9:15-30 CST, i saw what i can only describe as a fireball over western kentucky. it was flaming orange with a burning glow and you could see a blue tail behing it. It was not super fast light a shooting star, and very large.I can't believe i saw something like that. Was it a meteor?

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Possible Large Iowa, Missouri Meteor Fireball Captured By Iowa All Sky Camera 23nov2011


Below is an apparently large meteor fireball captured by Tim Cline at the Dusk Observatory Southeast of De Moines, Iowa. Tim Writes...
" Jim...I caught some kind of large event south of me in southern Iowa near the northern Missouri border....I am still trying to verify exactly what this was....I have an image and video....If you hear of anything in this area,,could you please alert me....
Here is a raw image....
Image Capture-23NOV2011 8:04:41 P.M. CST (02:04:41 UTC 24NOV2011)
Image courtesy and (c) 2011 Tim Cline-Dusk Observatory, IA-Movie will be posted when available
In image, N is UP and E is LEFT
READERS...If you saw this event, please send a description (please include time, date, location, direction you were facing, direction of travel...left to right etc... duration, color, and any sounds heard to wxtx01@gmail.com THANK YOU!!