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BREAKING METEOR FIREBALL NEWS...Large Green Fragmenting Meteor Fireball Seen From SE Texas To Louisiana 07SEP2011

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Dustin W.-Houston, TX:
Sitting outside at 8:13 PM, facing North East.  I live in the southeast part of Houston, when a large bluish fireball went across the sky.  I was limited on observing where it started due to a carport I was sitting under, but it burned out at about 30 degrees above the horizon.  It appeared very close, and could see the particles falling off, burning out.
Dustin W

Julius G.-Lake Charles, LA 8:25 p.m. CDT 07SEP2011:
Saw a flash thought was a plane flying over but couldn't hear it looked up and saw a long light then the tail started breaking  off then it went out and was gone started out in the south which was the way I was looking went from left to right would be from the east to the west

Rex A.-Houston, TX:
i was traveling on fm1960 just crossing over hardy toll road about 1 mile from houston intercontinental airport.
i witnessed falling star/meteor/fireball 09/07/11 approx 08:10 pm. driving/facing east, fell from upper right to lower left. longest duration i've ever seen ( out of approx 12 to 15 lifetime sightings,...what can i say,  i've lived in the big city the majority of my  life). it had a very distinct, unusual green glow to it. there was actually a small fragment which broke off and fizzled off in a different direction.  when i got home and logged on facebook i saw a facebook friend who'd also seen it.

Braulio P.-Houston, TX:
I was driving down on Westhemier/Montrose towards dowtown when I saw this fire ball with a tail falling from the sky from south to northeast it looked like. It seemed very close. I thought it would have been the biggest shooting star ever. I made 10 wishes... I hope they come true!!!! :)   Ok seriously I hope no one got hurt.

Kenneth W.-Clyde, TX:
On 9-7-11 @ 10:30ish My 14yr old son Dakota saw a large green fire ball out his bedroom window. It was about 30 deg. above the horizon. and about the size of a dime at arms length. He stated it was as bright as the full moon. It was traveling west to east at about 270 deg. to 100 deg.. It was partly cloudy here and he said it was be hind the clouds but that he could still see the light through the clouds. He said that it lasted about 5 seconds I was in another room in the house and did not here any noise or sonic booms. I was just wondering if maybe anybody else saw this. Thanks, Kenneth

Bob T.-Buffalo, TX:
Sitting outside of house looking south east. A large fireball appeared about 145 degrees SE and split into. I was on the cell phone & could hear a crackling sound. It seemed to come from object. Another resident  of Buffalo reported seeing it also.

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Sep 7 2011, 6:29 PM Guest774 (guest):
im in livingston texas and i just saw the biggets falling star ive ever seen it was blue red then white tail and peices of white falling behind at 8 20 pm sept 7

it looked more like the shuttle breaking up than a falling star 
im west of louisana in was in the east toward louisana i guess it was the closest falling star ive ever seen