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Celestial News: Halloween Fireballs

Don’t be surprised if you see a blazing fireball or two streaking across the heavens while you are out trick-or-treating this weekend.  There’s no reason for alarm.  It’s just the annual Taurid meteor showers reaching their peak of activity. (more)...
The Taurid meteor shower, currently under way, will peak in Early November. Watch for slow, colorful fireballs that point backwards toward the Pleiades star cluster in Taurus, the Bull. The Pleiades are at top center in this image. Photo by Jimmy Westlake, 2008.


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Oct 25/26/27/28 Meteors

October 29, 2010 by Carl Hergenrother
In the last ‘Meteor’ post, I was all excited about getting a clear night (Oct 25/26) to catch some Orionids. I guess I spoke too soon. Even though there were no obvious clouds in all of AZ on the IR satellite image, there were clouds over Tucson. I’ve seen this before where the entire state is clear but the Tucson valley forms a cap of clouds. Luckily, the conditions have gotten better and last night (Oct 27/28) was crystal clear. (more)...