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Loyal ELPALLSKY Reader Reports Another East Texas Meteor Fireball 11OCT2011

Last month Kandice D. reported a bright fireball seen from Livingston, TX on 10SEP2011. Her latest sighting below proves it pays to be vigilant when watching the skies.

Email From:
Kandice D.-Corrigan, TX:
My name is Kandice..
And I am back to say I seen another meteor yesterday morning .. Again driving north on highway 59 righ outside corrigan tx.. At 6:35 .. This time it was alot closer and huge compared to the one I seen last month.. Is it normal to spot these in and around the same area within a month? thanks Kandice! It's not unusual for asteroid collision debri to enter Earth's atmosphere at similar entry points IF orbital elements are just right. Can't say for sure that this is the case here. Certainly could have been mere coincidence but  either way, you are indeed fortunate! Congratulations.