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Breaking News...Large Bright Meteor Fireball Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina 7:32 pm EDT 22Mar2100

Internet traffic and emails to ELPALLSKY indicate a significant fireball seen from NC 22MAR2011
Email From Ivanna T. March 22, 2011 around 7:32 pm. Driving from Durham to Raleigh on hwy 40 I saw a large bright white fireball in the sky seemingly near the airport.
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From Local News: 
Local 911 callers report meteor sighting
StarNewsOnline.com (blog) by Brian Freskos: A possible meteorite entering the Earth's atmosphere late Tuesday evening had 911 centers in Southeastern North Carolina fielding
multiple phone calls from concerned residents. New Hanover County emergency
dispatchers interviewed ... http://yellowtape.blogs.starnewsonline.com/14304/local-911-callers-report-meteor-sighting/

Mar 23 2011, 7:15 AM
Guest130 (guest): I was driving south on Hwy NC 94 around 730 pm when I looked towards the east and notice a bright ligth, silver color on the front and bright orange on the tail, it lastest a few seconds and it was gone, anyone has any comments on this?
Mar 23 2011, 12:52 PM
Guest506 (guest): I saw the meteorite from Little River South Carolina at approximatelly 7:30 PM on 3-22-2011 appearing in the northeast sky. It looked like a shooting star, but was totally visible in the daylight sky. It appeared a bright white, starting as a largest ball and fading to an arched tail.was surfing around 7:30 and saw a bright ball of light with a tail, fall across the sky.  it looked as if it was on fire, with flames bursting all around it!

I saw it in Wilmington NC
Constance H. Knox
General Manager

Mary Turner: I was traveling east on 40 just past Harrison Ave in Cary at 7:33 when I saw a big fireball. It was amazing because the sky wasn't yet dark. It appeared to be dropping straight down, and it was to the south of the highway. It seemed to flare up a few times and have a greenish tint. I almost thought I was seeing an emergency flare or firework, but realized it was too big. Amazing!
Longtime amateur astronomer Conrad Pope saw a brilliant meteor cross the sky last night around 7:30 PM from Wilmington. He also said he heard reports of folks seeing the object.  It was seen only about five minutes after sunset.
Conrad reports “I tracked it for over 80 degrees and about 8 seconds.  Medium speed with an intense blue head and about a 10 degree orange tail. Have not seen any images but the local TV stations and the paper have a shorts stories with some witness comments.  It was much brighter than the full moon and resembled magnesium burning.  Waited for a sonic boom but heard nothing.”

***If you saw this event, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with details. Also, video and photos if you have them. Please indicate whether you saw local TV NEWS video. Thank You!***

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