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Tennessee-Kentucky Green Meteor InquiriesTo ELPALLSKY 03MAR2011

Ashland City, Tennessee arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Breaking Meteor News...Large Bright Fireball Event IN OH MI 19Jan2011..." by searching for i saw something bright green streak across the sky.
18:21:37 -- 1 hour 18 mins ago
Lexington, Kentucky arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Nov 13, 2010" by searching for big bright green falling stars.
20:33:42 -- 3 hours 26 mins ago
Louisville, Kentucky arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for green meteorite louisville last night 9:00 pm ky march 2011.
07:48:09 -- 2 hours 14 mins ago

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Request for assistance – Germany meteor of 08 Jan 2011...

German Meteor Researcher Looking For Help With Wind Profiles During 08JAN2011 Germany Bolide Event...Posted 03MAR2011 By ELPALLSKY
Howdy, all
I am working on the southern Germany fireball of 08 Jan 2011, which produced sonic booms and some amazing videos and photographs. I’ve obtained German weather radar data for this event, but I could use the help of someone versed in the winds occurring at the time and could actually search for this one. If interested, please drop me a line at chondritehero@gmail.com. (There’s a story behind that email address, best told over beers.)

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Prominent Religious Leader Predicts World's Fate 03MAR2011...

Pat Robertson: God may destroy earth with a meteor... God Discussion
Although he thinks that the latter days are near due to what he believes
are the fulfillment of key biblical prophecies, Robertson thinks it is more
likely that God would destroy the earth with a meteor. Writes Newsmax: "I
don't think that God is going ...MORE

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