9:15:00 PM

Large Green OK, TX, KS, NE, AR, CO, NM Fireball CAPTURED BY NEW OKC SENTINEL ALL SKY CAMERA 02:20:54 UTC 24MAR2011 (21:20:54 CDT) 23MAR2011

(c) 2011 OKC Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera-All Rights Reserved...Release by request only!
(c) 2011 Witness Location Map Compiled By Dirk Ross-Worldwide Meteor Meteorite News Updated 25MAR2011
Above Video (c) 2011 Kevin Palivec-Hawley TX Sandia Allsky Fireball Camera Network
Captured on a direct view camera looking NORTH toward OKC

Witness Reports To ELPALLSKY...
Tecumseh, Oklahoma
I live in tecumseh oklahoma. tuesday evening i was feeding my animals around
8:45 p.m. or a little later i seen a green fireball in the s.w. sky moving to the west
n.w. a few minutes later my son in law and i saw a large green fireball moving from the n.e.
to the west-s.w. and we actually could here this one,sounded like a crackling noise moving
at a real fast click. sorry i don't have any picture's but i want to know where it landed.
-bill walker

Topeka, KS to Emporia, KS
We saw the meteor tonight on our drive from Topeka, KS to Emporia, KS. It was about 9:30pm or so I believe. It was an amazing sight! It was orange and yellow and then turned into a green color. It just looked like a fireball floating through the sky. -Cristina D

Mannford, Ok.
I saw this fireball/meteor tonight.  It was between 9:15-9:30 pm.  I live in Mannford, Oklahoma off of Highway 48 half way between highway 33 and highway 51.  My husband & I were taking our dog outside & we were actually watching a bat fly around our security light catching bugs.  I was looking off to the southwest 
& out of NO WHERE this big ball came across the sky.  I was yelling at my husband
to look because I was speechless.  To me, it look close to the size of a basketball & looked 
like the headlight of a car.  It was moving fast.  As soon as my husband turned around to see it 
it was turning a green color & then was gone.  It kind of had orange sparks coming off of it...
I was amazed & could not believe what I saw.  My husband researched to see if it was just us & 
ran across your website.  Hope this helps!!
Sincerely, Janet Blumer - Mannford, Ok.

Oklahoma City, OK
Found your website searching "meteor" oklahoma and the date,
We were driving on northwest expressway, a few miles away from the okc city limits out in the country at about nwexpwy and cimmeron road (where there are few lights and little traffic at night.)
Suddenly there were blue flashes around the car, I was driving and confused for a second as to where it was comming from, I looked out the drivers side window to see if there were a power outage making street lights flash, but then thought "what street lights?".
The girls in the car and I all said "what is that?" at the same time, the flashes were so bright.
As I leaned into the drivers side window to look out; another flash above caught my eye and I realized it was something on fire in the air.
This was the biggest thing Ive ever seen on fire flashing through the sky. I was driving my daughters friend to her house and she was in the seat behind me. So she saw the meteor too, and we both wondered if it might be a plane exploding.
My daughter was in the passenger seat and could only see the flashes, it light up the front glass and the south side glass of the car, plus the entire outside around.
We were driving towards the northwest on the highway, so the flashes were on the south side of the car, to see the meteor, I had to lean to the window and look up a little.
The trail behind the fireball looked like a comet. There were numerous firey peices, large ones that were red, white, and blue/white, in quite a distance behind it, and it lasted longer than any shooting star Ive ever seen.
There should definately be something that fell to the earth somewhere.( If this wasnt a plane or rocket exploding, it missed it's chance) it should at least be one of the biggest meteors around.
If you cant tell, we were a little shaken up, because it looked like something exploding in the sky, and the light of each explosion reaching all the way down to our car was unbelievable, it was a litte unnerving, alone in the dark with just two 15 year old girls, wondering if it might be a missle that was shot at oklahoma City.
We will book mark your page to see if someone turns in a video of this!
Thanks ,- Brenda O'Hern Six

Lavon, Texas
I went outside a bit after 9 in Lavon Texas. I'm not very good with directions but our house faces south I believe. Towards Wylie and Sachse. If I was indeed facing south then the bright white glow moved east to west. (left to right) it was amazing. I have seen meteor showers before living out in Waxahachie on dark nights away from city lights but this was incredible. It was not like any "shooting star" I have ever seen. It was low in the horizon and from my perspective as big as an orange. It was a brilliant white glow with a 4-6 inch tail that coned into a point like the fire discharging from a jet engine. I will probably never see anything like it again in my lifetime (with the exception of possible end of world in 2012 LOL) and am very grateful to have had that wonderful opportunity. -Nic

Dripping Springs, Texas 
We saw the green ball of light falling across the sky last night in Dripping Springs, Texas around 9:00ish. Thank you, -Lisa

Rockwall, Texas
I'm unable to attest to color but this meteor was very large and hung in the sky for a significant amount of time. It was as bright as or brighter than the North Star. I witnessed this from just south of Rockwall, Tx with almost zero light pollution at approximately 8:45, March 23, 2011
- David King

Lucas, Texas
I saw this last night…it was about 9:15 ish. We were driving on Ingram Lane going North, when I saw a VERY large, VERY bright light to the North West. It actually took me a second to figure out what I was looking at!
This is a rural area and I thought it might have been a helicopter search light or something. But just as I figured out what it was, it faded away. It was bright white with maybe a hint of green. It was about midway above the horizon and traveling north. I told my husband that I bet part of that thing landed somewhere! Hope this information helps and would love to know what you find out about it! Thank-you, -Donna Bradshaw

Fort Worth, Texas
Date of sighting: 03-23-2011. Time of sighting: around 8:30 pm cst
I am located on the west side of fort worth just outside loop 820 and just north of I-30. I was facing northwest and spotted the meteor just for a moment as it was nearing the ground and disappeared from my view behind the houses nearby. I could not judge distance or size although I was struck by the large size and bright green light. I took my compass out this morning and would estimate that it disappeared from view at a bearing of 310 degrees. It appeared to move left to right at a downward angle of approximately 30 degrees. It appeared round in shape with a bright green glow. The tail behind the ball was not long only about four or five times the width. Thanks, -Greg Richardson

35 from Waco to Fort Worth, Texas
I saw it falling from the sky while driving on 35 from Waco to Fort Worth, Texas.It was so dark but maybe in the area of the "skydive"field.East side of the highway.
It was amazing. March 23 ,2011 Time between 8;00 pm and 9:00pm The color was a firey yellow with a little green. At first it looked like fireworks falling down to earth. There was a tail of smaller sparkles as it arched down like an arrow followed the ball.It moved very fast.
I could not get my cell phone camera ready fast enough to photograph since I was driving. -Anon.

Mustang OK...
My son and I saw the fireball last night over our house in Mustang, OK. It started off looking like a shooting star, and I pointed it out to my son. but as it was heading NW to SE it turned from a whiteish green, to a bright orange fireball, and we could hear it crackle as it went overhead. I know this isn't much, but I hope it helps your pursuit.
Craig Boswell...thank you Craig!

Ponca City OK...
Per your web site request, I would like to report I saw the possible meteor Wednesday evening between 9: 20 and 9:30 PM. My location was in Ponca City, OK. located in Kay County, approximately 15 miles east of I-35 and about 20 miles south of the Oklahoma/Kansas border.
It was a bright green orb trailing what appeared to be minuet sparks and a glowing vapor trail. It was seen looking to the west, appearing from behind a tree at about the 10 or 11 o'clock position in the sky. It quickly moved in what appeared to to be a southeast trajectory and was only seen for a few seconds.
Perhaps this will be of some assistance in your research-Al Ritter... very much so! thanks.

Mar 24 2011, 8:36 PM
Guest917 (guest): I witnessed the meteor last night 7 miles west of Nocona, Texas near the Red River in north Texas. The object moved from the south to the north between 8:30-8:35pm the meteor was low on the horizon west of my location. Hope this helps!

Tom Radle writes...

Observed what looked like a large meteor in the NW sky at approximately 15 to 20 degrees elevation at around 9:15 on March 23.  The meteor had a distinct large “head’ and a small trailing tail that appeared like a sparkler.

Gina Pearson In Godley TX writes...

I ALWAYS watch the skies......
pullin into my driveway this evening.. saw the comet? was orange at first as it was falling changed to green... fell slowly.. afer the "light" went out on the object i could still see whatever it was falling through the sky... watched it til i could see no more through the trees...
gina, godley texas

David In Abilene TX writes...
We live in Abilene, Texas.  I didn't see it, but my wife did.  She was sitting on the porch and saw this Green Fireball come down from the sky at approx. 8:45pm (March 23, 2011).  She said it started about 30 degrees above the horizon looking NNW.  It traveled from West to East (Left to Right) in a downward slope and it lasted about 3-4 seconds.  She said the head was Green and Blue, but mostly Green.  She said the tail was Red and Yellow and looked like fire.  She said that as it fizzled out it looked like a piece broke off from it.
  I wished that I had seen it too.  It sounded like it was a beautiful and amazing firework from God.  I hope this report helps to identify where it actually hit.

Susie Floyd writes: Yes! I saw it. Everybody said i was just seeing things so i googled it and found this site.  It was about 9:15 pm wednesday 3/23/2011.  In burleson tx.

--- Denver, Colorado ~9pm MDT (different meteor event)
Saw a very bright meteor heading east toward yale and I-25 around 9pm not sure what time it was exactly. First time I seen one that was not overhead. Very bright just above the horizon. Couldn’t tell you how big it was Looked maybe from that distance size of a compact car or half the size of one Looked like it was going to strike within Colorado far east

If anyone else saw this meteor event please email. We need the time, the location (town) you were when you saw it, the start and end locations in the sky and the direction of travel of the meteor; thank you!

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