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Bright Fragmenting Fireball Bolide Widely Seen From Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ontario Canada 9:55 P.M. 14JUN2012 (02:55 UTC 15JUN2012)
ELPALLSKY is awaiting video from several Sentinel Fireball Network Cameras in the Midwest states. UPDATES WILL BE POSTED AS DATA/IMAGERY ARE MADE AVAILABLE. BOOKMARK THIS SITE FOR UPDATES !!!

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Large Meteor Fireball Bolide Over Western Oklahoma...Captured By 2 Sentinel Fireball Cameras 05JUN2012

Western Oklahoma Bolide Recorded On Video At 03:10 UTC 06JUN2012 (10:10 P.M. CDT) 05JUN2012
Direct View Camera-Hawley, TX-courtesy Kevin Palivec

All Sky Camera Hawley, TX-courtesy Kevin Palivec

All Sky Camera Oklahoma City, TX-courtesy James Beauchamp

Composite Full Flight Image courtesy James Beauchamp-OKC Sentinel

Oklahoma City Radar Return-courtesy James Beauchamp

Possible Fall Location (intersection of red lines) Based On Prelimenary Coords. (assuming each camera is oriented with North directly up

2:04:00 PM

ARIZONA FRAGMENTING FIREBALL 31MAY2012 Captured By 3 All Sky Cameras

Email From:
Carol W.-Phoenix, AZ
My fiancee and I saw this meteorite fall on our way home tonight. We were traveling northbound on the 51 fwy in North Phoenix around 9:20 pm this evening. It was definitely between 9:10 and 9:30 pm. It appeared to travel from west to east heading possibly north.  It was very bright and we watched it break into three pieces which quickly turned from bright to dark.  It was very bright and seemed close.  If you gauge 12 o'clock as due north, straight in front of our car,  then I would say it was in the 11 o'clock position.  Not sure how to explain. Quite brilliant and large. I hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions.   thank you Carol for this report...Others??...email us at wxtx01@gmail.com

From The Kingman AZ Sentinel Fireball Network Camera 9:15 P.M. MST 31MAY2012

From The Parker AZ Sentinel Fireball Network Camera 9:15 P.M. MST 31MAY2012

From The Prescott AZ Sentinel Fireball Network Camera 9:15 P.M. MST 31MAY2012