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Texas Meteor Fireball Sighted 29MAR2011

Sean LeClaire In Frisco TX E-mail's...On 3/29/11 at around 10:30pm, I was in the backyard of our house in Frisco, TX taking the dogs out, when I saw what appeared to be a shooting star.
The object was round in shape and green in color and was below the low flying, thick clouds.  The object was heading southwest, which I verified with a compass.  The object resembled a "roman candle" firework ball.  It broke up and had what looked like glowing peices or sparks coming from it before it disintegrated. 
I stayed outside and looked all around to see if someone was shooting fireworks, but nothing else happened.  I quickly came inside and told my wife what I saw. thank you Sean!

Betty In Fort Worth Writes...I also saw this "green" fireball from our home in SW Fort Worth around the same time on March 29, 2011...I was doing the same thing as Sean, taking our dogs out. It was an awesome and beautiful sighting! I wasn't originally looking at the sky but the brightness and movement caught my eye. Not sure how much I missed, but I got to see several seconds of it. I was facing east, but agree that the meteor appeared to move in a southwest direction. I saw a similar event from Austin, TX several years ago, earlier in the evening, only dusk at the time. It was much larger and it lasted even longer. That was my first time to see a green one and had NO idea what it was....thought it was a satelite or rocket burning up at the time... BK in FW, TX.  thank you Betty, glad you saw at least some of it !

***If you saw this event please email your observations to wxtx01@gmail.com***

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