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Bright Northern CO Meteor Fireball 31MAR2011

E-mail From Michael Kornblatt: I was in Littleton, CO approx 6:05 am, Wadsworth Ave and US 285 (Hampden), facing North, Northeast and saw a very large, very bright mass of light headed almost straight down.  I saw it for 2 seconds, then it disappeared behind the morning cloud cover. The size and brightness were amazing! I wish I could have watched it longer!
Have a great day! Michael

From Daniel S. Near Boulder...Looks like the same event the others are reporting, though I would put the time a little later. Approx. 6 20 am. I was driving north on highway 93 towards Boulder, approx. near highway 128 junction. Meteor was seen to the north east at approx 30 degrees east. Elevation approx 35 degrees above horizion. It was VERY bright and maybe the apparent size of 0.5 inches or my fingernail. It was bright and appeared burning. I actually looked up looking for a plane or something to see if it had fallen off something. Daniel

Steve S. In Ft. Collins Writes...Saw it too, but my time was ~6:20 am, 3/31/2011.  Driving north on Taft Ave in Fort Collins, CO.  Very large (nickel-to quarter-sized) white light body falling almost vertical and rapidly, also north-northeast, roughly in direction of Cheyenne WY.  My view of horizon was obstructed so I couldn't see whether it disappeared behind or in front of clouds, but if behind it was a very long way off, because clouds appeared to be at least 40-50 miles away. Was expecting to see reports on news but nothing so far.  Steve S.

Kathleen B. In Berthoud...I was driving north on Hwy 287 west of Berthoud (between Longmont and Loveland) when at about 6:15 am I saw the brilliant fireball falling in the sky in the north/northeast. It disappeared behind a dark cloud bank across the northern horizon.  I was amazed and somewhat startled. I just had to report it to someone so I actually called the Loveland police dept. thinking that if it hit the ground, it would be a blazing fire perhaps on the eastern plains. I checked the news several times but found nothing mentioned so I finally reported the incident to 9 News. But still nothing has been said. I finally did a google search for “meteor northern Colorado” and found your write up this afternoon.  Wow, that was really spectacular!!! Kathleen
***If you saw this event please email your observations to wxtx01@gmail.com***
Photos, videos needed for this event!! Please email them and share your observation with us. Thank you.

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