3:37:00 PM

A Pair Of North Carolina Fireballs 23OCT2011

Email From:
Ken C.-Conway, NC:
Hi Jim,
Attached is a cropped image of a pair of meteors I shot this
evening here in North Carolina.  Shot from near the same
place as the fireball I sent you a couple weeks ago.
Is this very common?  They are in the same 30 second frame.
I don't know if they occurred simultaneously, or not since I
was in  the house when it was recorded.
Take care.     Thank you Ken! We are in multiple simultaneous meteor showers right now. While not very common to see two so close together, certainly not unheard of either. Thanks again! Very nice shot.
image courtesy of and (c) 2011-Ken Christison-Conway, NC

3:41:00 AM

Ontario, Canada Meteor Fireball 23OCT2011

Email From:
Jennifer B.-Windsor Ontario, Canada:
Hey my name is Jennifer im 24 from Windsor Ontario Canada.
I was googling about meteors because lastnight around 10.30pm I was standing in my back yard having a ciggarette looking up at stars, was just a beautiful night and was luckly enough to catch a meteor fly literally over our back yard,
It resembled a fire cracker, yet no noise. It was SUPER bright and low in the sky and lasted merely 3 seconds. It took me a sec to process what I had just seen, but was truly a specticle....
Then tonight I seen a shooting star, so with the two in the last two days figured I would google since, I have never seen that here in windsor before and came across your website.
Hope that helps you out.
Have a great day.  Thank you Jennifer! Canadians...If you saw this event, please post your sighting to wxtx01@gmail.com Thanks!

12:13:00 AM

Colorado Meteor Fireball 23OCT2011

Email From:
Nathan E.-Colorado Springs, CO 5:pm MDT:
About 45 minutes ago i saw a fireball come from the sky. I live in colorado springs and it seemed to go west into or past the mountains. It hurt my eyes to look straight at it. At first i thought we were under attack and waited for an explosion. Then after a google search i saw the ROSAT had crashed. I never saw anything so bright.

12:10:00 AM

Oregon Meteor Fireball 23OCT2011

Email From:
Rod F.-Portland, OR:
I saw a fireball or something hot with pieces coming off last night when i came out of dinner in Portland Oregon.  I was standing on the west side of the willamette river at the Old Spagetti factory looking west when something came from the east to the west over my head. It was lower and bigger than any shooting star ive ever seen. It had pieces coming off. Please let me know if anyone else saw it or if you know what it was.