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Ontario Canada Meteor Fireball 04DEC2011

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Dec 5 2011, 11:42 AM Guest186 (guest):
Name is Sam, I was travelling northbound on HWY 527 North 8 miles North of city of Thunder Bay, Ontario..i noticed a streaking bluish/greenish fireball lasting 1 or 2 seconds travelling East or Northeast & disappeared in the tree-line..the time was 6:19pm EST on Dec. 4th, 2011..

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California Meteor Fireball 06DEC2011

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Matthew A.-December 6, 2011 - Santa Clara, California approx.. 8:30/8:45pm PST 
Side Note...SJ Sharks had just lost the 2nd period
Orange/White fireball moving east to west, crossed almost directly overhead,
perhaps 1 degree further north.  Covered visible arc distance in about 4
Long tail, orange in color, fairly low in the sky. Lots of air traffic at
the time as well.
My GPS coords are 37.35501 - 121.98667, 56ft altitude.  No large buildings
or other obstructions, single story homes for a few square miles.   
Thanks for the heads up Matthew! 

Anyone have any other submissions for this event?...wxtx01@gmail.com

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Ontario Canada Meteor Fireball 06DEC2011

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Patrick-Sudbury Ontario, Canada-5:45 P.M. EST:
Witnessed a large fireball that was heading due north by Sudbury, Ontario.  Appeared as though it had broken up into 2 or 3 pieces burning blue/green.  This meteor would have landed north west of Sudbury.  I’m wondering if anyone else had seen this event?  Thank you Patrick! OTHERS see this event? Email wxtx01@gmail.com with your details. Thanks!