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Nova Scotia, Canada Bright Meteor Fireball 06NOV2011

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Dave W.-Nova Scotia, Canada:
hi at around 8 30 pm tonight, 6 nov 2011 i saw a very fast very bright, and either very close or very large object streak accross the sky over my house, in bear river nova scotia, it was travelling north east as a rough guess and it was so close and so bright that i thought it was a firework, but it moved too fast and straight i checked outside, no people around, no smell or noise of fireworks anywhere, i just wondered if anyone else saw it,  funny thing is that it seemed more rounded that i have ever seen a falling star so maybe it was a meteor? if anyone else saw it please let me know, thanks, Dave  Thanks Dave...OTHERS? Email wxtx01@gmail.com THANK YOU!

Valerie K.-Sydney, NS
Hi there,
I was walking my dog in the dark field next to my place and I happened to see it. A bright circular white light headed straight downwards, quickly.
I was'nt sure I had really seen what I just saw. (If that makes any sense to you... )
A multitude of different things passed through my mind of what it could have been, from the rational to the insane. (It was really fast, and I did'nt have enough time to focus on the object 100%) Anything from a shooting star, to a fallen piece of a satellite, to me having a brain tumour 'phenomenon' style (lol), and even aliens...
I saw it anywhere between 8h25 and 8h35, so the timing is right.
I saw it from Sydney, NS. Saw it fall North-West.. with a lot more emphasis on the West.  Thank you Valerie. Confirmation!

***If you are searching for information about this fireball and/or witnessed it, please leave a report of what you saw at wxtx01@gmail.com Please include the date and time, the direction you were facing/driving, the direction in which the object moved (upper left to lower right etc.) approximate size and brightness compared to a full moon, color, any flashes, streaks, fragmentation and any sounds or delayed sounds such as sonic booms, hisses, sizzles etc. Thank you! Your information is vital to research/recovery efforts so please take time to report.***

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WORLDWIDE FIREBALL ALERT...Imminent Asteroid 2011 YU55 NEO Close Approach...Earth To Encounter Debris Streams...Australian Outback Elevated Fireball Activity 07NOV2011

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