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Bright Green Streak In CA Sky-Meteor Fireball Indicated By Internet Traffic 06:45-06:47 PDT 14 MAR2011

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22:17:04 -- 1 minute ago
Guadalupe Rodriguez wrote:
Hello on Monday morning I witnessed the green light cross the Los Angeles Basin Sky. I was in the city of South Gate, Ca driving northbound.
The morning was just starting. The morning scenary was between dark and dawn. There was an overcast sky with clouds. My husband also witnessed it from the city of Lynwood, Ca. We are about 10 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It was bright green in color, it was crossing from west to east with a long tail. Just wanted to share with you that we witnessed. What was it? Thank you.
Roman Koropeckyj Wrote:
March 14, Westwood, California, ca. 6:40AM, looking due north, saw very
bright bluish green meteor streaking from west to east, quite low on the
horizon. Confirmation of this sighting would be appreciated for the sake of
my sanity. Roman Koropeckyj UCLA
Email From Pampa Thompson...
Monday morning about 6:45am I saw this green fire light fall briefly while sitting in my driveway.  I was facing North.  I immeditealy thougt it might be  fireworks, but it looked too big and bright to be that, besides it was very much daylight due to the time change.
 What do you think it was?

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rayray said...

me and my brther were walking down the street just a few minutes ago and saw a green streak of light fall to the grond

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