1:25:00 PM

Bright Meteor Fireball North Texas And Oklahoma Captured By Sentinel All Sky Camera 08MAR2011

Second Consecutive Night Bright Meteor Fireball N TX, OK 07:01:59 UTC (01:01:59 CST) 08MAR2011 Captured By Hawley TX Sentinel All Sky Camera...
Witnesses to this event...please send your observations and locations to wxtx01@gmail.com If you see or hear of video or photos of this fireball event, please let us know. Thank You! ELPALLSKY

(c)2011 Kevin Palivec-Hawley Sentinel All Sky
composite flight image from direct view camera (c) 2011 Kevin Palivec

1:20:00 PM

Bright N MEX Meteor Captured By Hermosillo Sentinel All Sky Camera 07MAR2011...

Sentinel All Sky Camera Captures Bright Fireball Over Hermosillo Sonora MX 06:30:16 UTC (11:30:16 MST) 07MAR2011
(c)2011 Dr. S. Aguirre-Hermosillo Sentinal All Sky Camera

1:08:00 PM

NASA ASGARD All Sky Camera Captures Bright GA Event Of 28FEB2011...

From NASA Huntsville AL MSFC EV44 Posted 08MAR2011...
Attached is a still and video of AMS event 267, observed only from our Chickamauga GA station on February 28, 21:05 EST.
Best regards, Bill Cooke-Lead, NASA Meteoroid Environments Office
Marshall Space Flight Center
Thank you Bill!...ELPALLSKY
(c)2011 NASA MSFC EV44-Huntsville

1:06:00 PM

Piece of meteor found near Krizevci Croatia From FEB2011 Impact...

A piece of a meteor was found near the central Croatian town of Krizevci, the first extra-terrestrial item to come down on Croatia in the last 60 years.
A black stone weighing 292 grams was found on February 20, following the impact of...MORE
Example Picture-Not the actual meteorite described above

12:51:00 PM

Huge Impact Crater Found in Remote Congo- Posted 08MAR2011 By National Geographic...

Expedition confirms a meteor hit central Africa millions of years ago.
Victoria Jaggard National Geographic News
Published March 8, 2011
A circular depression deep in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been confirmed as the first known impact crater in central Africa, a new study says. The find brings the number of known meteor craters on Earth to 182.
(Related: "'Fresh' Crater Found in Egypt; Changes Impact Risk?")
The so-called Luizi structure was first described in a German geological report from 1919. But without further fieldwork, it was impossible to say for sure...MORE

A computer model of the Luizi crater based on satellite data.
Diagram courtesy Ludovic Ferriere and SRTM/NASA