11:08:00 PM

NASA Huntsville (MSFC) Releases Video OF Bright Fireball Bolide Over GA 20FEB2011...

From Bill Cooke of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville AL...Released 22FEB2011.
Bad weather kept most of NASA's ASGARD All Sky Camera Network from seeing this event...except one. The composite image and movie below are of that event from the All Sky Camera at Huntsville. No orbital data is available due to cloud cover. Event occurred at 06:15:41 AM CST 20FEB2011. For an eyewitness account of the event, go to
http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball2/public.php and look for event #233a.

(c) 2011 NASA MEO MSFC EV44

6:51:00 PM

Another Canada Meteor Fireball Possible 22FEB2011...

Inquiries To ELPALLSKY From Canada Indicate Possible Meteor Fireball 22FEB2011
Cambridge, Ontario arrived from google.ca on "elp allsky: Feb 22, 2011" by searching for february 22 2011 meteorite.
17:26:04 -- 1 hour 21 mins ago
Toronto, Ontario arrived on "elp allsky: Breaking News...IL OH MI Brilliant Green Meteor Fireball 17FEB2011 9:10 PM CST...Possibly Seen In Ontario Canada".
17:33:11 -- 1 hour 14 mins ago
Toronto, Ontario arrived from google.ca on "elp allsky: Another Canada Meteor Fireball Possible 22FEB2011..." by searching for meteor Kitchener feb 22 2011.
19:49:24 -- 22 minutes ago
Email From smokyogi, Toronto:
I saw two large what now seem to be meteors in the sky as i faced west in Toronto last night.  Two separate occasions only minutes apart. It must have been in between 1130 and 12 at night. The first one was so large and bright that i thought it was a helicopter and then is saw it moving directly downwards with a large plume following behind it  I then assumed that it was either a flare shot nearby or a helicopter going down in the distance. Out of concern i started to communicate what i saw when i saw another similar bright object in the sky just minutes later. At that point i assumed someone had shot a flare gun in the near distance. Incredible!
I tried to take a video but couldn't get the flash turned off in time to capture any useable image. hope that helps in some way

6:46:00 PM

North Texas Inquiry-Possible Daylight Meteor Fireball 22FEB2011

Possible Daylight Fireball Seen In North Texas As Per Inquiry 22FEB2011...
Garland, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for still light out saw a bright light fall from sky.
17:50:57 -- 46 minutes ago

9:58:00 AM

Meteor News...Bright Meteor Captured By OKC Sentinel Camera 22Feb2011...

Meteor Capture By Oklahoma City, OK Sentinel 04:26:49 am CST (10:26:49 UTC) 22FEB2011...
(c) 2011-James Beauchamp

9:49:00 AM

Meteor News...North Texas Fireball Captured by Sentinel All Sky Camera 21FEB2011

North Texas Fireball All Sky Camera Images And Witness Inquiry 21FEB2011...
04:07:20 UTC 10:07:20 pm CST

Keller, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Feb 21, 2011" by searching for meteor north texas february 21, 2011.
07:33:24 -- 1 hour 58 mins ago
Alecia K: Alecia, Meteorite, 2100 MST, 21 Feb 2011, Clovis, NM. I saw a really bright meteorite in the sky about North North East. It was so bright! You could see bright sparks coming off of it as it hit the Earth's atmosphere. I saw on your site that others saw it too. How amazing.
Richardson, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for golden meteorite feb 22 2011.
23:27:35 -- 2 hours 51 mins ago

(c) 2011 Kevin Palivec