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Large BC Canada Meteor Fireball Reported to ELPALLSKY 12MAR2011...

Email From Jacquieb In BC Canada...a white flash lit up the sky near comox b.c.canada for several seconds and caused static on radio march 12 12 30 am pacific time
Email From Emily F. Union Bay B.C...My boyfriend and I live in Union Bay, BC (near Comox) and we also saw, felt and heard something early this morning sometime between 12:00 and 12:30 am (forgot to check the time).
We were inside our house when we saw a bright white light flash outside, followed a couple of seconds later by a loud cracking, explosive sound and felt the house shake. That sound was followed by a loud roaring kind of sound that seemed to travel from the west to the east.
We ran outside onto our front porch and could still hear the roaring sound but didn't see anything else. We also heard a motion detector alarm go off from another house down the hill from us.At first we thought it was lightning, but the sound that followed was definitely not thunder. If you have any other information about this or links please send them on. Very curious to what this was. Thanks, Emily F.

***BC Canada Readers...If you also saw this event please email me at wxtx01@gmail.com with details. Thank you!***

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