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Meteor News...VA Fireball Jan 3 2011 Consistent With Quadrantid Meteor Shower...

Guest623 Forest VA (guest)Reports
My name is Mark Manley, Forest Va., huge fireball north to south on Jan 3 2011...
did anybody see the fireball traveling from north to south, over the western sky of Forest, VA. USA? It was about 730pm...
my first one ever...it was huge and seemed to only get brighter as it traveled south. AWESOME!!!...
where did this possibly land?
Comment From ELPALLSKY:
Mark, this fireball has the earmarks of being a Quadrantid Meteor. The shower was peaking at exactly the time you report your sighting. It's North to South direction of travel is also consistent with the radiant (apparent point of origin) in the constellation Quadrans. Click THIS LINK for more information and thanks for posting!

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Very Few Bright Quads Over West Texas...04JAN2010

Below is a composite image of the few bright (-2 magnitude and brighter) Quadrantid meteors captured by the El Paso Sandia All Sky Camera. Highlighted is a sporadic meteor (not belonging to any particular radiant).

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UPDATE TO BREAKING USA METEOR NEWS...Large US East Coast Meteor Fireball Bolide DEC28, 2010!!!

Reported first on lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com
Reports coming in of a large meteor visible over DC, VA, MD, PA, NY, and MA at about 6:45pm EST (23:45 UTC) Tue. Dec. 28, 2010. According to witnesses, the event lasted several seconds, with fragmentation and a terminal explosion somewhere North of Northborough, Mass. No sonics (sonic booms or electrophonics) have yet been reported. If you witnessed this event, please post in "comments" below or in my chat box by signing in as guest. Also, please log your sighting at http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball2/form.html  Important: if you have or know of video or pics, please e-mail to wxtx01@gmail.com TIME IS CRITICAL !! 
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03JAN2011-Man Says He Found Pieces From NE Fireball of 28DEC2010 (WUSA) --- Al LaBrush says he walked out of Danielle's Italian & American restaurant last Tuesday night and saw a meteor shower so close that he heard the "crackling" or "muffled fireworks" sound of the shooting star. Tuesday's Meteor Shower...(more)...