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Breaking Meteor News Texas...Major Bright Green Fireball Bolide Seen Over Dallas-Fort Worth And Central TX ~10:30 pm CST 12 Mar 2011

 Witness Sightings of 12MAR2011 Texas Meteor
(c) 2011 LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google Earth
***Readers...This is shaping up to be a major meteor event. If you saw this fireball/bolide, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with a description including your location, the direction you were facing. which way it moved (left to right etc. is ok), the color and size, and any booming sounds you may have heard shortly(+- 1 minute) after the event. Also indicate whether it appeared to fragment and how high above the horizon it appeared and disappeared Thank You !! ELPALLSKY***
We need video/pics of this. If you see or hear of video/pics please email. Thank you!
Email From Tonya H... Saw it about30  min ago (10:20-10:30 pm CST), green then blue and turned yellow, I'm in greenville Texas. It traveled south to north in the eastern sky . Most beautiful and extremely large. Just made my nite. First report, thank you Tonya!
Email From Bill...10:59 pm CST...Just saw this over Austin going south Thanks Bill!
From The Chat Box...Mar 12 2011, 9:19 PM MST
Guest610-Cathy S..: I saw it as I was coming out of Downtown Ft. Worth after the Bass Hall concert. It went from the 2 O'clock to 8 O'clock and filled half of our windshield. Saw one in Mansfield a couple of months ago. Thank you Cathy!
Anonymous Email...I saw the largest meteor it was green and it was cloudy and we were in town and still saw it. I live in Denton, Tx. Not sure about the time, maybe around 10:30. 
From The Chat Box...Mar 12 2011, 9:55 PM MST
Guest57 (guest): Traveling tonight N to NE around 10:20-30 and saw the green "meteor" in the Texas sky. Are we sure it was a meteor? I've seen many meteor showers and this didn't look like any meteor I've ever seen. What made it look green and why was it so big?
Email from Anonymous...I saw the meteor, in DFW area, at around 10:30 pm. It was arcing from the south, to the north with a bright green tail-so awesome!
Andrew emails...Spotted a green fireball UFO over Dallas at approx 10:20 PM 3/12/11. trajectory 45 degree angle northeastern. lasted about 2 to 3 seconds, very bright Thanks Andrew!
On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 12:21 AM, Taylor W. wrote:
In the Fort Worth area, NE 820 area.. Facing east sitting talking to a friend then saw the object come from the South and streak across to theNorth.. From my point of view I say it was 30-40 percent angle of elevation from the horizon? Could me more but looked close! First meteor I've seen that close so estimation of size.. unknown. Color green, almost like a fluorescent or a bright lime green glow effect.. Long white/grayish tail.. Once again unknown estimation of length. Also saw bright orange debris fall off within the 2-3 seconds I saw it pass. Amazing to witness, never seen anything like it before. Looked so close me and my friend waited a bit to see if we could here the impact wherever it may have hit. Was going at a downward slope.. 30ish percent? didn't capture any media of the event since it was so quick and random but my friend as a witness can account for it too. Great report, thank you!
Email From R. Yohman...Green fireball sighted in Garland, TX at about 10:15 p.m. on March 12, 2011.  Facing east, I saw bright greenish blue ball that was larger than a full moon,  the leading edge was concave but the rest of it was round.  It was about 45 degrees from horizon, headed south to north in an arc.  I lost sight of it at about 30 degrees.   It was a spectacular sighting lasting only a few seconds.  Wow!! Thank you for your report
From Chris Pope In Austin TX...
Hi, my wife and I were driving home from downtown Austin last night and we were heading back on Central Texas Highway 360 and were heading north on 360 – my wife reckons at 360/Bee Caves when we saw it. It was brilliant white and we saw it clearly in the sky for several seconds falling from upper right in the sky to low left in the sky. My wife says she saw blue/green tinges but both of us agree it appeared to fiery, like a huge firework with a tail. It wasn’t just an ordinary point of light like a shooting star. Here’s the tweet I sent at 10:38 yesterday evening “Omg - just saw the most amazing shooting star driving down 360 ... 4 seconds long from right to left. Biggest shooting Star I've seen”
Keep me posted with more info please J Thank You Chris!

From Pat Carroll In Central TX...
At 2240 I was walking my dog in Mansfield Texas and saw a bright neon green light “just appear” in the sky.  I say this because I was looking at the stars on such a beautiful clear night and it was in my direct line of vision.  It was stationary for such a brief period of time, (1 second), then moved very fast from West to East direction.  When it shot off the fairly round green light “stretched” to a short bullet size and a bright white trail was left behind.  It did not go in a downward trajectory but seemed to stay even with the horizon then go slightly upward before the entire green light, including the white trail, was just gone with no evidence it had ever been there.  I heard no sound and saw no collision effects.  It was such an awesome sight that lasted about 3 to 4 seconds and I will never forget that green color that seemed to glow from deep inside and had a strange sense of illumination. 
Thanks for reading,  Pat Carroll  Thank You Pat! Great Report...
Email From Jay... My Wife and I were driving North/East and saw the Meteor heading from Right to left. It had a green flame behind it and the flame went out very fast. I didn't hear in bank or see it but if I to guess I would say it hit down somewhere near Decatur,TX or Graham, TX. Would be interested if you have any information.   Thanks,  Jay Thanks Jay!
From Robert In Rockwall, TX...
Around 10:30p saw slow traveling ball moving SE>NE linear across the horizon.
Began as a yellow to orange to red to green to blue then white before fading away. No trail, no sound, did not appear to fragment, just faded out. Appeared as more of a perfectly round orb then a meteor. This was witnessed by myself and 4 other persons. -Robert Thank you Robert!
Email From Samantha In Ft. Worth...We were traveling east bound on 183, about 10:30pm close to boomerjacks when we saw the green glow come from the south and go north..   :)  We were wondering if we were going crazy! It was green, very light green!! Thank you Samantha!
Email from Rolanda-Lufkin TX...
Saw the "meteor" Saturday night, I live in Lufkin, Texas. It was going north. It was bright like a shooting star, but with a green color that later turned into gold sparkles like a firework. I heard no sound, it just evaporated before our eyes. A friend and I debated whether it was a firework for a moment bc it seemed quite low @ the time. Very amazing. Thanks Rolanda!
From Debby Alcorn & Tracey W Prosper, TX
My daughter in law and I were sitting in the hot tub in Prosper Tx and we saw in the eastern sky streaking south to north a very bright ball that seemed to have 3 streaming blue “tails” that combined to be one bright blue tail. It seemed to last maybe 2-3 seconds. My husband and my grandson were outside for maybe 2 minutes and we all happened to be together for this event. Afterwards we were trying to determine a way to “measure” the size of the ball itself and there was an almost perfect half moon and we determined that the main bright ball was about 1/3 the size of the moon that was visible tonight. It was beautiful! My son died suddenly almost 3 years ago and his 6 yr old son, my grandson who was here, always says that Daddy is one of the stars shining on him, we told him this was probably Daddy telling him how happy he was that we are always all together but when the meteor was gone he didn’t like the idea that it “burned out” so we had to revise our story to him. We feel blessed to have seen this! Debby Alcorn Prosper, TX-Tracey W Frisco, TX  Wonderful Story. Thank you for the Report!
Hope, Carmine Tx 12 Mar 2011 10:30 pm CST
Saw a very cool meteor Sat night. It appeared as a yellow ball with a wide tail following. It began in the East and traveled North. I am not fantastic with directions but those with me seemed to think East to North was the direction. It moved much more slowly than a shooting star. Very interesting. We did not notice any color other than yellow. The fireball and tail appeared very bright and was an amazing sight!  Thanks Hope
From M.J. Garza DFW Approx. 10:30pm cst.
Heading East on State Hwy. 114, a few miles East of IH-35 (East of the Texas Motorplex Speedway).  I believe we were in, or approaching, the town of Roanoke.
A bright, almost florescent, green ball (with a tail trailing) was seen directly over Hwy. 114, going from South to North direction. It was quite close to the ground; appeared to only be a couple to a few hundred yards away (but it may have seemed so close, because it looked so large). The light only lasted for about 2 to 5 seconds, before disappearing.
The sky was clear in places, but was also cloudy with very low lying clouds.  The green light was seen where the clouds were. Sorry, no video; the event happened too fast.  We assumed it was a meteor that had to have hit the ground, since it was so low, and that the clouds gave the effect of the green light.  We were driving in our car, with the radio on, so didn’t hear anything either.  Thank you M.J.
From Michael Elliott Austin, TX
I was downtown Austin (east 6th St. at Liberty Bar to be exact) facing
North/NorthEast. Looking to the side of a friend's face my eyes were drawn up above the roof in the back 'yard' of the bar. It was moving Right to Left, and not really dropping
too much. Big green ball, and first glance it caught my attention that I was not seeing a
plane light correctly.Then it registered that the pattern was like a satellite
or meteor... but less fleeting than a usual shooting star high in the sky. There
was a bit of orange streaming behind it, but really the green/blue ball was what
caught my eye. Excited that I wasn't the only one.
-Mike  Thanks Michael

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