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Another North Carolina Meteor Fireball 02DEC2011

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Bruce H.-Bath, NC-~4:00pm EST:
Just saw something fall out of sky. I'm near Bath N.C. looking South. Long streak of light then fizzeled out above tree line  Thanks for the heads up Bruce...OTHERS SEE THIS EVENT? Email wxtx01@gmail.com with your reports. THANK YOU!

Diane H.-Darlington, SC:
I saw what my daughter & I think was a shooting star. Well something falling from the sky.
It was tonight 12/2/11 around 6-6:30pm here in Darlington, SC. Maybe East/South east. But it was bright as a white LED light with sparlles that fizzled out on the way out. It was almost horizontal but slightly going down. Way too high for fireworks & surely not a plane. I wonder what it was?

Stacey M.-Wake Forest, NC:
Hello! Got to your blog from Google after seeing a large fiery object moving quickly across the sky. It was exactly how I pictured Haley's comet back when I was a child. It had a long trail or tail.  I actually thought for a moment "this is the end," since I've never seen anything like it. It was a little after 6pm here in Wake Forest, NC; I had just finished a jog.

Ben H.-Raleigh, NC:
I saw your posting on a website and Im wondering if we saw the same thing. I was heading south into Raleigh about 6:00pm tonight when I saw a bright meteor go across the sky that seemed to travel from northeast to southwest. It obviously broke apart and disintegrated and you could see that happen really well from where I was sitting in my car.

Paula B.-Raleigh, NC:
I saw the same thing described by Ben H. in Raleigh. I am in Raleigh, was travelling south just after 6:00 when I saw the “fireball”. Any word on what it was?
Maari C.-Unknown Location:
I saw this too. Last night 12-2 around 6:15ish. It was a bright ball of light, like a close-up shooting star. I could see it breaking apart with little bits burning off the back as it fell. I thought for sure it would hit the ground. It seemed  so close. I kept waiting to hear it hit the ground somewhere. It seemed like the dogs in our neighborhood started barking around the same time. It was really cool. I've never seen something like that.

R. Peters-Greenwood, SC:
At just-past-6 pm local (maybe 6:08), I was driving into my neighborhood (eastward) and saw a bright bluish-white trail begin on the sky from left to right (north to south).  It at first appeared to me to be the flame from the engine of a single-engine military fighter aircraft but then as it elongated, I realized it was something coming in to the earth's atmospheres.  It began to break apart, I assume, as I saw a few bits come away and quickly disintegrate.  Finally as it reached the right side of my windshield it fizzled out.  Very neat, I've never seen anything like it before.

"Arizona Dewdrop"-Columbia, SC:
around 6pm last night I saw a bright white shooting star. Larger than any I've ever seen. It also had a tail that was thick and white, but not as bright as the star itself. It seemed to travel the. Entire length of the sky than fizzeled.  What was it? 


Anonymous said...

I saw it here in Darlington, SC maybe east/southeast between 6pm & 6:30pm. Never have I seen something like that. It was very bright & very fast.

Anonymous said...

Saw the event too leaving work in Morganton, NC. lasted about 5 seconds. Large fiery debris dropping from the tail for about 2 seconds....impressive.

Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing from Garner about 6-630PM last night. It moved from northeast to southwest. It was different from all others I have seen in the past, appeared to be quite large.

Anonymous said...

In Pembroke, N.C. on Friday evening (12/2/2011) sometime around 6 or 7 o'clock, maybe a little later can't remember. It wasn't long after the sun went down. I observed something traveling at a fast speed in the sky; it was bright blue at the front, with a long blue streak following it in the back, it was dripping blue debris, almost looked like a dripping blue fireball. It stayed lit up for about 6 or 7 seconds. I am 26 and have never seen nothing like it, quite amazing.

Anonymous said...

I saw what I thought was a meteor at around 6:15 or so it was very fast very low and paralell to the earth.It was dim at first becoming brighter and then a tail and then it burn up over asheville.I saw it from my front porch overlooking downtown Asheville.Never saw
anything like it. Gene Asheville,NC

Anonymous said...

I just saw a large fireball here in Wake Forest, NC at 1:17 AM while running my dogs out in the back yard.

It was blazing fast and quickly faded into the tree line.

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