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Southern California Meteor Fireball 21nov2011

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Ataya S.-Mission Viejo, CA-11:00 P.M. PST:
On Monday Nov. 21 I saw a Large fireball falling towards the north in Mission Viejo Ca (4 mi away from Ranch Santa Marguerita) . This fireball was approximately 10 sec or more, it was low flying and proportionate to the size of an average microwave with  an easily 6 ft long tale, I immediately rushed home and checked the web for any news of it; but could not find anything; then on Thursday Nov 24 I saw another in the same flight pattern in which the first one was seen, just smaller and at a higher altitude. is there any correlation to all of the fireballs being seen around here in the last week?  Thank you Ataya! We are currently between significant meteor showers. Could have been stragglers from the Leonids or pre-peak meteors from the upcoming December Geminids.