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Oklahoma Meteor Fireball 25OCT2011

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Michelle A.-Oklahoma City, OK-6:40 a.m. CDT:
Looked up an saw a object, normally a star is located in the same position. I thought at first it was the same star but the object was glowing orangish red moving across the sky. It was not a steady glow it was more of a blinking. I've never seen anything like this. Unfortunately I'm in an area where there are trees and was unable to get any picture because it moved behind a line of trees. It was dark outside but dawn was about to break. Any idea what this was?

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British Columbia, Canada Meteor Fireball 25OCT2011

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Nutek Sign Creations-Mission B.C., Canada:
Saw it from mission B.C. v2v1m9 facing north . it was heading north east. only saw it for a brief second. it came into my line of sight then fractured into 3 or 4 pieces then was gone.
coolest thing I ever saw