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Breaking Meteor News...Westminster, Riverside, Irvine, California Large Meteor Fireball 17JUN2011

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Laura W.-Wesminster, CA:
FIREBALL REPORT... Date-6/17/11  Time-10:10 pm  Location-Westminster, California:
Sighted looking NW from 92683, low on the horizon, bright as a full moon.  Extinguished in atmosphere unless it hit a foothill. Color of fireball sighted last night apx. 10:15 pm was very bright white with a white trail. I did not hear any sound.  Duration was a cpl. of seconds.  Is this helpful?     yes...and thank you Laura for your report!

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Riverside, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: California Meteor Fireball NW Of Los Angeles Reported To ELPALLSKY 23FEB2011..." by searching for Fireball sighted tonight at approx. 10:15 PM from 92683.
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Irvine, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Increase In Green Meteor Fireball Events Expected As NEO's Approach This Weekend 11MAR2011" by searching for neo meteorite event.
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***If you witnessed this fireball, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with details. Please include time, date, your location, which way you were facing, direction the object traveled (left to right etc.), color, any fragmentation, sounds (booms, sizzles, hisses etc.). Thank you!***