3:08:00 PM

UPDATE...Bright Tucson Bolide of 11/28/10 Captured By Camera In Mexico !

Dr. Salvador Aguirre of the Hermosillo, Mexico Sandia Allsky Camera Station has provided ELP another new image of the 11/28/10 Tucson AZ event. The bolide is seen just left of top center, and displays the bright terminal flash. Hermosillo is roughly 218 miles (352 km) due south of Tucson.

*Again...event time is corrected to 23:52 MST (06:52 UTC)*

2:24:00 AM

UPDATE!... New Image Of 11/28/10 Fireball Event Over Tucson AZ

Carl Hergenrother (The Transient Sky), professional astronomer at the University of Arizona’s Lunar and PlanetaryLab in Tucson AZ has provided ELP this still image of a brilliant fireball which occured just east of Tucson on 11/28/10. Time of this event has been corrected to 23:52 MST (06:52 UTC). The image was captured by an allsky camera located at the MMT Observatory near Tucson.
Image Credit MMTO...click on image for enlargement