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North Carolina Meteor Fireball 16OCT2011

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Diane B.-Raleigh, NC-8:00 p.m EDT:
Saw a large green meteor fireball orginated in east across whole sky to west.  It was after dark but not sure of exact time.

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Breaking Meteor Fireball News...Phoenix AZ Bright Green Meteor Fireball 15OCT2011

More Eyewitnesses To This Event Needed !!
Please Send Your Report To ELPALLSKY

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Andrew V.-Phoenix AZ:
I was in my car driving southbound in Phoenix, Arizona and stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of 83rd Avenue and Indian School Road. (about 8 miles to the west of downtown Phoenix)  I just happened to catch the last few seconds of this event as it caught my attention out the driver's side window of my car.  The fireball was travelling from west to east to the southeast of my location just before 11pm (arizona and pacific time).  As I watched the fireball for about 4 seconds it appeared to be falling and went from bright green to gone and appeared to "fizzle out" somewhere over Downtown Phoenix or just to the south of the downtown area (which would be about 8 miles to the east and one mile south of where I was at the time.

I came home a few minutes later and found nothing on the local news websites until this came up on google.

Whatever the object was and where ever it began I do not know but It definitely appeared to come down or break up over the metro Phoenix area to the south or east of the downtown area.  Where I was is about 8 miles due west of the airport and the large jets line up on their approach vectors to head straight east to the runways.  There was at least one large passenger jet several thousand feet up on a landing approach and this fireball was in front of them so I cannot imagine the pilots or passengers not seeing it also.  There ware several more aircraft in the approach pattern several miles behind them to the west and north who would have also likely seen this object, so there may have been something on record with the air traffic control at Sky Harbor International Airport or possibly the FAA also.
I hope some more information of this is forthcoming as the is the first time I have ever observed a meteorite or other object streaking across the sky before, it was exciting!  (If you find anything out please let me know...)
Andrew V     thank you for the heads up on this event Andrew !!

Response to Question From ELPALLSKY...
Q: How low on the horizon did visible flight end?
A: I really dont know an exact measurement, but my understanding of this is that If I were to put an imaginary giant protractor in front of me with 0* being on the east horizon and 90* being straight above me the object would have been around 65-70 degrees in the sky towards the south east from where I was (facing directly south in my vehicle). There appeared to be a few small 'sparks' coming off the tail of this object which is how i knew which direction it was moving and in the front was the green fireball.  As I said I only caught the final few seconds of the object before it just seemed to burn out like a spent firework.    The object appeared to be coming down towards the ground as it disappeared and the area in which it disappeared was still clearly in my field of vision so I know it did not just go over the horizon or behind a building as it was still up in the sky...
If you have any other question let me know.     thanks Andrew, I will!

Jim P.-Chandler, AZ 12:15 p.m. MST
October 15, 2011 Chandler Az. I had observed a green fireball moving from west to east while in my back yard. It was a slow moving meteor aprox 3 seconds and was low in altitude compared to your average meteor. It was bright like a firework with a tail and slower than your average meteor. The location was south east of Dobson Rd & Ray Rd.
Jim     confirmation! Thank you Jim.

Phillip J.-Phoenix, AZ:
Hello, I googled 'Phoenix Meteor October 15' and found your website.
My wife and I were headed East on the 202 San Tan Freeway around the Kyrene exit when we saw the fireball that appeared to be moving easterly downward (from our perspective it was moving towards earth but headed in an easterly direction.)
I cannot be exactly sure of the time, but it was around midnight (so almost 10/16)
It reminded me of burning magnesium, it was very bright and then just disappeared before it would have hit the horizon.  It appeared to be above Chandler, AZ from our perspective at that time.

***If you are searching for information about this fireball and/or witnessed it, please leave a report of what you saw at wxtx01@gmail.com Please include the date and time, the direction you were facing/driving, the direction in which the object moved (upper left to lower right etc.) approximate size and brightness compared to a full moon, color, any flashes, streaks, fragmentation and any sounds or delayed sounds such as sonic booms, hisses, sizzles etc. Thank you! Your information is vital to research/recovery efforts so please take time to report.***

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Raleigh, North Carolina Large Green Meteor Fireball 16OCT2011

Email From:
Diane B.-Raleigh, NC:
Saw a large green meteor fireball orginated in east across whole sky to west.  It was after dark but not sure of exact time.  Thanks Diane! Any others who saw this? Please post to wxtx01@gmail.com