7:24:00 PM

Update to N Mexico, SE Arizona Green Fireball...New imagery 8FEB2011

ELPALLSKY Obtains New Imagery Of  7FEB2011 10:57 pm MST Fireball...
From Doug Snyder of Palominas Starhaven Observatory SE Arizona USA
Below...a composite image and video clip of a bright green fireball likely over N Mexico captured by Snyder's allsky camera. This event was also captured by a Sandia All Sky Camera in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico by Dr. S. Aguirre at 10:57 pm MST 7FEB2011. In this image, N is up, E is left. Thank you for your contribution Doug!
(c) 2011 Doug Snyder and PSO AZ

7:20:00 PM

NW Texas SW Oklahoma Meteor Fireball Captured by Hawley TX Camera 8FEB2011

Kevin Palivec of Hawley TX Captures Video of a Bright Meteor Over SW OK, NW TX...
Below is a composite image and movie of a bright Fireball occurring at 02:33:59 CST on Feb 7 2011. The event likely illuminated the TX-OK border with an estimated visual magnitude >-8. Thank you Kevin!
(c) 2011 Kevin Palivec

7:20:00 PM

Hermosillo Sentinel Captures N Mexico Fireball 7FEB2011 10:57:06 MST

From Dr. S Aguirre Hermosillo, Sonora MX 8FEB2011
Event: Fireball.
From SE to NE 
Date and Time: 20110208_055706_399 UTC
site: Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.
All sky Sentinel ( Sandia National Labs.).
in photos : N is up,  E left. Best Regards Salvador Aguirre

10:27:00 AM

Internet Traffic Indicating Possible Meteor NY, PA 8FEB2011...
Reading, Pennsylvania arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for meteor over stadium.
07:15:28 -- 3 hours 9 mins ago
[United States]
New York arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for meteor over football stadium.
07:11:12 -- 3 hours 13 mins ago

10:22:00 AM

Michigan Inquiry To ELPALLSKY 8FEB2011...
Delton, Michigan arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for Local news/ meteor.
07:48:46 -- 2 hours 31 mins ago

10:18:00 AM

E-mail And Internet Traffic suggest L.A. Fireball 8Feb2011...
Fremont, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky " by searching for oakland, ca+meteorite.
05:13:38 -- 4 hours 55 mins ago
E-mail From Anonymous...Just this morning (02.08.11 at approx. 4) am I saw a very fast, very brief, "shooting star" like phenomenon over Oakland except that it was much larger than the normal, narrow track of an incoming meteorite (approximately the width of a marble held at arm's length) and it's streak was much faster. I would not have been surprised to hear a large boom from Berkeley it seemed so close. The only thing that I can conclude was that for it to have been a object burning up while coming in atmosphere and to be that far away, it would have had to be extremely large object that was moving at extraordinary speed (a small object would not have "lit up" like that so close to the ground.) Anybody else see this thing?
Moreno Valley, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for fireball ontario california.
10:05:29 -- 9 minutes ago
Lompoc, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for meteorlompoccalif.
16:31:08 -- 38 minutes ago
Santa Rosa, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for Reports of bright light in sky on Tuesday morning.
16:59:52 -- 12 minutes ago
North Hills, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for meteor shower 7 february 2011.
20:15:18 -- 4 hours 11 mins ago
Ontario, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for fireball in sky feb 7.
00:29:26 -- 52 minutes ago

1:30:00 AM

NASA Huntsville Captures Bright Meteor Over TN 7FEB2011...

From Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) at Huntsville AL...
February 6, 7:25 pm CST (01:25:40 UTC Feb 7, 2011)
Speed of 27 km/s, made it to 51 km (32 miles). Graphic showing location (yellow arrow) and video attached.
Estimated magnitude of -8.
Bill Cooke
Meteoroid Environments Office
EV44, Marshall Space Flight Center
***Note From ELPALLSKY...This is likely the meteor which was seen from Atlanta Georgia posted earlier on this site***