8:14:00 PM

09/21/10 Northern NM Meteor 3rd Camera View

New Mexico State University Allsky Camera Network

video courtesy http://skysentinel.nmsu.edu/

1:47:00 AM

ASTEROID Debris Strikes Earth in New Mexico? Sep 21, 2010

"Event 3" of  21SEP2010 03:03UTC 9:03pm MDT
 Video by Sandia National Laboratories (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved

ASTEROID Debris Strikes Earth in New Mexico?
Multiple fireballs over New Mexico and Western Texas May be Linked to a Recent Asteroid Near Earth Event
by Jim Gamble and LunarMeteorite*Hunter 
(c) 2010 AllRightsReserved  Excerpts only with full URL and Author(s) citation.

  Recent multiple fireballs reports streaming in from North and South America may be linked with the near Earth passing asteroids of Sep 8-9.  The most recent multiple events occurred last night (Sep 21, 2010) over Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The first two of the multiple events were nearly simultanenous over central New Mexico. They were followed by Event 3, a 23 second major bolide event over northern New Mexico at 9:03pm MDT (03:03UTC)
(see LunarMeteorite*Hunters).
  Event 4  occurred  some one-and-a-half hours later at 10:36pm MDT (04:36UTC), and was also observed from El Paso, Texas.  It was of short duration, approximately 1.5 seconds, with a visual magnitude of -6.  It followed the identical trajectory of Events 1,2,3 but occurred farther south, probably over south central New Mexico.

  video credit: Thomas Ashcraft Allsky Observatory (c) 2010 All Rights Reserved

Updates will be post as available.  Comments/Contacts can be made at WXTX01@gmail.com

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CELESTRON ULTIMA 11 Telescope for Sale

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Bright El Paso, Texas Meteor 09/09/10

09/09/10...Bright meteor event over Western Texas...Southern New Mexico...Northern Mexico at 00:17:00 MDT (19:17:00 UTC) Any witnesses or all sky camera detections should post to this site please. Event was likely a -10+ lasting 2-3 seconds and likely traveling N to S or NE to SW. No sounds heard. If you observed this event, please post to comments below. Thank you.

 Video taken by Thomas Ashcraft from Santa Fe, NM of the Sept. 9, 2010 meteor event.

11:05:00 PM

North Texas Fireball 09/05/10

Sept. 5th...two reports of a fireball over North Texas. One at 10:00:pm CDT  from Flower Mound by Aidan Glynn...Another at 10:30pm CDT from Witchita Falls, Tx by Renee Brunovsky...Both reported to be of Magnitude -9 with colors of orange and red lasting 4 to 5 seconds with a persistent train. No sounds heard. If you saw this event, please comment below. Thank you.

3:40:00 PM

Washington Meteorite?

posted by LunarMeteorite*Hunter at Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News - Did A *Meteorite* Smash Into A Monroe, WA Home? *Q13 FOX Seattle* Wed, 01 Sep 2010 22:26 PM PDT A Monroe man thought his house came "under fire" but instead found what he beli...

6:36:00 PM

July 31, 2010 Eastern NM Fireball

There was a significant fireball over eastern New Mexico this morning that "turned night into day" as the saying goes. I am still processing the data but here is a preliminary movie with the audio of the radio head echo. The full radio reflection was over three minutes duration. (Of possible significance is the subtle "whizz" or whistle sound initially which may be direct meteor emission rather than forward scatter reflection.)

It is also possible this meteor was an SDA or alpha Cap or may trace back generally to that radiant region. Not sure about that though due to cloud cover.

mp4 video: Thomas Ashcraft, New Mexico,