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Major Meteor Fireball Widely Seen over Eastern US 08DEC2011

10:31 P.M. CST-11:31 P.M. EST 08DEC2011
Captured by a Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera-Lake Station, IN

From ELPALLSKY: 09DEC2011...
Although at a distance on the horizon from the camera, Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera Operator Steve Witt posts this capture of the widely seen Eastern US fireball which occured at 04:31 UTC (10:31 pm CST-11:31 pm EST) on Dec 8, 2011. Eyewitness reports to ELPALLSKY follow Steve's video below. Thank you Steve, for your diligence!

Email From:
Michelle K.-Montello, WI:
I saw the same thing...it was a bright green ball with a green tail. I was traveling southeast in montello Wisconsin and the light traveled from left to right.

Anonymous Reporter:
A bright green burning meteor seen all over southern Illinois. Tons of people seen it falling in a bright green light then it exploded.

Jason B.-Chicago, IL:
around midnight 08dec11 over Chicago in southern sky a bright white fireball like a low plane came almost straight down from east to west lasting several seconds and breaking into 3 large white chunks with tails.

Pete & Ann O.-De Plaines, IL:
Great website!  My name is Pete and I was comming home from Wisconsin on 12-08-2011.  I was traveling Southbound on I-294 when around 8PM, I caught glimpse of a huge fireball!  I was on the Des Plaines, Illinois area of tollway when at the Eastern part of the sky, there was a bluish-green fireball that had a long tail that seemed to be breaking up.  It was traveling about -20* from horizontal and was twice as bright as Jupiter!!  I thought for sure I would see this on the news via landing in someone's backyard!


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Minnesota Meteor Fireball 08DEC2011

Email From:
Brett B.-St. Peter, MN-6:25 P.M. CST:
Greenish white fireball (like a large shooting star) traveled north to south across the horizon.  It lasted several seconds.

3:08:00 AM

Possible North Texas Daylight Meteor Fireball 07DEC2011

Email From:
Kristy J.-Richardson, TX-11:50 A.M. CST:
Driving south on Waterford and  Synergy Park Blvd. area of Richardson, TX, I spotted a meteor streaking through the sky. It was headed just to the southeast. Then it broke into two parts with one seeming to drop straight down, while the other continued until out of sight. The meteors had short white tails, fanned out at the end. The streak was much like a jet airplane leaves, only much shorter and slightly fanned out at the end of the tail.  Did anyone else see this?  Thanks Kristy! So this event occured in broad daylight? Great catch!

READERS...If you witnessed this apparent daylight fireball over N Texas, Please submit your sighting descriptions to wxtx01@gmail.com for confirmation. THANK YOU!