11:49:00 AM

Meteor News...Brighter than Moon...Meteor Lights Up East Tucson AZ

At 11:32 p.m. MST on Nov.28th, a very bright short duration meteor was observed traveling NE to S-SW just East of Tucson Arizona. The event lasted for 2-3 seconds during which it burned with a magnitude slightly brighter than the full moon. A terminal burst with a magnitude substantially brighter a full moon was observed. The event occured at an elevation of 40 to 50 degrees. No sonics, i.e. electrophonics or sonic booms were heard. If you Saw this event, please comment below and submit a report to The AMS at http://www.amsmeteors.org/fireball/report.html This event is a good candidate for a late Leonid Meteor.

11:17:00 AM

Meteor News...Another Florida Fireball

A Visitor To El Paso Allsky Camera Reports:
 I was searching to see if anyone else saw what I saw early this morning.A fireball light up the sky on Saturday, November,27th, 2010 @ 2:10am. I just happened to look up and caught something streaking across the sky. It had a long trail mostly orange(ish) and what looked like sparks and peices of fire. An object lead the way which looked twice the size of the trail in circumfrance and was very bright maybe orange/white/blueish.The thing is, it's movement was parallel to the horizon (left to right) and did not appear to be moving much faster than a plane would be. The trail was pretty long and there was a very bright flash of blue/white then it was gone. It looked exactly like a plane exploding. It appeared to be out over the gulf of Mexico. From my location (Parrish, FL.United States; south of Tampa) it was at 215 degrees S.W. with an elevation of approximately 40 degrees. I have NEVER seen anything like it in 36 years and I watch the night sky

2:47:00 PM

Latest Meteor News...Saint Cloud Florida Fireball 11/25/10

A Visitor To El Paso Allsky Camera Reports:
At approx 5:30 pm on 11/25/10 I seen a ball of fire that appeared to be falling out of the sky. I was in Saint Cloud, FL.

1:00:00 AM

Meteor News...Washington Fireball

A Visitor To El Paso Allsky Camera Reports:
I saw what looked like a fireball falling from the sky near walla walla, washington today between 6:45 and 7:00 am this morning any idea as to what it could of been.

12:10:00 PM

**UPDATE*...Leonid Meteor Results From The El Paso Allsky Camera..

Not too bad through the peak. The composite image below shows Leonid meteors of magnitude -3 or brighter recorded during the period 11/13/10 through 11/24/10 by the El Paso Allsky Camera and WSentinel program (software/hardware provided by Sandia National Laboratories). Keep in mind that MOST of the VISIBLE Leonids were dimmer than -3 magnitude, so the image below only shows a small sampling of the overall count. I'll continue to monitor for additional events through Nov 28th (shower end) and will post updated images as needed.
Image Updated 11/24/10 at 12:10 MST (19:10 UTC)

1:20:00 AM


From SPACEWEATHER.COM...The annual Leonid meteor shower is peaking today, Nov. 17th-18th, as Earth passes through a thicket of debris from Comet Tempel-Tuttle. So far the shower has been a modest one, with fewer than ~25 meteors per hour according to international counts. The reason: Earth is missing the densest swarms of comet dust. Nevertheless, some bright Leonids have been seen, and even more have been heard. Tune into Spaceweather Radio for live Leonid echoes. More updates to follow.

1:00:00 AM


This is the week that the famous Leonid meteor shower will be reaching its peak, and the best viewing of these ultra-swift "shooting stars" should come...(more)...

8:19:00 PM

West Texas/New Mexico Meteor News...Latest Bright El Paso Tx Meteor

The El Paso Tx allsky camera recorded this long duration event on our northern horizon at 02:01:33 UTC...19:01:33 MST on Nov. 16. Stations to my north have been alerted and may provide imagery from northern NM shortly...updates to follow...

11:01 p.m. MST 11/16/10 Cerrillos, New Mexico arrived from google.com on "elp" by searching for falling star over new mexico november 16.

If you saw this event, PLEASE post the approx. time, the date, your location and a brief description ov this event including direction of travel in the chat box located in the upper left of my site page. If you know of any TV reports or have video/pic, please e-mail to wxtx01@gmail.com
Composite image and a short movie from the El Paso Allsky Camera below.
Thank You!


(c) 2010,2011 Thomas Ashcraft

3:44:00 AM

Enhanced Serbian Fireball Image Reveals Possible Fragments

This contrast enhanced image of the recent Serbia/Macedonia bolide shows what appear to be fragments rather than camera lens artifacts trailing behind the parent body at terminal burst. Future higher resolution images/videos may reveal more.

11:21:00 PM

Meteor News...California Fireball NOV13, 2010 9pm CST

If you witnessed a bright meteor or fireball in California on Nov 13th, 2010, please e-mail me at wxtx01@gmail.com.com or go to my chat blog in the upper left of my site and click "guest". Date, time, direction of travel, your location etc. is important. Also, any local TV reports and/or videos or pics are important so please forward to me. Thank you!  Reports follow:

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 10:30 PM, Anonymous Reports:
November 13th my husband and I were traveling West at
9pm on Fitzgerald coming up to Santa Teresa in Gilroy/
Morgan Hill when a Very Bright Fireball circled with
blue & green passed in front of us seeming to go into
the Santa Cruz Mountains. Traveled very fast.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Meteor News...California Fireball NOV13, 2010 9pm ...
 My Husband and I were on I80 West in Sacramento and saw the meteor around 9:00pm on 11/13/2010. It was huge..blue/green fireball with orange tail...seemed to go out for a second before lighting up again...it was amazing!

Ryan Fares Reports...On November 13, 2010 Between 8:30 and 9:30pm 
I was standing at the west oakland bart station, facing the western sky.
As I watched the moon, I witnessed an amazing blue light streak downward across the sky.
It came from the left of the moon and moved slightly to a diagonal right towards the moon.
It was only visible for 10-30 seconds.
It had a V like vector and trailed yellow sparks.  At first i was astonished, then breifly considered that it could have been a fire work. 

To: wxtx01@gmail.com
Date: Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 6:07 PM
Subject: Large mass Falling from sky on 11/13/10
hello. my name is ashley johnson from Lompoc, CA. I'm responding from the web site about the Large green mass falling from the sky on the night of November 13, 2010 about 9:00 P.M. A group of 5 friends and myself included were standing outside of our porch and witnessed the bright green mass falling at about a 60 degree angle from South East to North west.

Nov 14 2010, 10:50 PM
Guest938 (guest): At around 9pm on Nov 13th, I saw from my house in watsonville ca a really bright meteor/ fire ball. it had a brilliant trail of orange sparks behind it kind of like fireworks but not really. I was pretty amazing.

Nov 14 2010, 9:45 PM
Guest714 (guest): I was driving on the 118 freeway near Simi Valley CA around 9pm on November 13th 2010. I saw a large green falling (star/meteor?) It was beautiful but a little scary. There was no trail really. It fell quickly.

Nov 14 2010, 9:06 PM
Guest638 (guest): My daughter and I saw a fireball, while driving west on hwy 50. It was falling South-West @ around 9:05 to 9:15 on 11-13-10 in Shingle Springs,Ca

Nov 14 2010, 6:13 PM
Guest349 (guest): Guest349 (guest): a group of 5 friends and myself in Lompoc, CA witnessed this large green mass falling from the sky North west direction on 11/13/10 around 9 PM. There's no way this Large bright green object was a star

Fireball - 11/13/2010 approx 9:00PM
I saw a large fireball or falling star when driving into the parking lot of Starlite Ballroom (Gold’s gym in the same parking lot) in Mountain View. Don’t seem to find any other information about that…it was much bigger then any meteors or falling stars I have ever witnessed.

Nov 14 2010, 12:57 PM
Guest985 (guest): Saw a large green meteor falling to the west of Willow Glen area of San Jose, Ca. Sometime about 9PM, Nov. 13, 2010.
Nov 14 2010, 12:35 PM
Guest947 (guest): 11-13-2010,9 PM local time, large bright green meteor, descending at a 60 degree angle, in sky south west of Citrus Heights, CA

Nov 14 2010, 12:21 PM
Guest978 (guest): Big green meteor san jose CA 11-13-2010 9:00-9:45m western skyline 
I saw a very bright large fireball around 9pm Sat night to the north of Malibu. I was standing by the beach on Westward Road outside the Sunset Restaurant looking up the coast when it fell from the sky.

[12:38:54 AM] Oakland, California arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for large shooting star seen nov 13 about 9 pm.

San Jose, California arrived from google.com on "ELP Allsky Camera" by searching for UFO East San Jose.

 [12:03:40 AM] Cupertino, California arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for california shooting green meteor western sky.
15:04:47 -- 58 minutes ago. 

Oakland, California arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: NASA Scientist Begins Search for Meteorite Fall in California 8MAY09" by searching for meteor falling in oakland, ca.

San Jose, California searched for "california 11/13/2010 fireball in sky"

San Rafael, California arrived looking for "meteor streaks "November 11, 2010" fireball."

San Clemente, California searched with " falling object from sky 11-13-2010. " 

San Leandro, California arrived from google.com on "ELP Allsky Camera" by searching for nasa falling star norhtern america 11/13/2010.

3:34:00 PM

Major Bolide over Serbia/Macedonia Produces Seismic Event !!

Videos/Photos & Information are needed on the direction of travel, start and end point of observation, observers location and elevation above horizon for the start and end point. Email: drtanuki@gmail.com

This major event occured at roughly 19:30 CET and was witnessed by many. The National TV Station reports that a magnitude 1.4 earthquake in Leskovac correlates with this event. This event may have produced meteorites.
To follow this major event or to leave a report of what you saw/heard, go to http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com/
Readers if you have information VIDEOS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! about this event please email drtanuki@gmail.com .... Thank you. Tokyo

11:13:00 AM

Update...Louisiana/ Mississippi Fireball Reports...

I was in Slidell Louisiana facing West. It looked like it was going straight down.  I’m not really sure of the direction it was in…I saw the fire ball burn white blue and a little red . It looked like a large meteor zipping out of the sky. Quite large when compared to a regular “shooting” star.
Carol Helbling

Guest359 (guest): Very bright like the moon but moving almost straight down.Blue and white for a few seconds. I was close to New Orleans.
Guest402 (guest): three witnessed the same thing at around the same time over central alabama. credible witnesses (attorneys) two trails, one reddish glowing, another more transluscent blue and faint. very distinctive, the trail/tail was visible for 15-30 minutes (seconds?) until disappeared over horizon.

Tamara Knowles Alexander City, Alabama said...
myself, husband all saw a similar thing, was more red-colored in main tail, but had thinner, bluer, more transparent tail.  was on phone with a friend, who stepped outside and confimed that he saw the same thing.  it lasted 15-30 minutes (seconds?) as it moved, and was moving in a westerly/northwesterly direction.

11:42:00 PM

Meteor/Fireball over Mississippi and Louisiana 11.10.2010

Reports are that a bright fireball occurred at roughly 9:00-9:30 CST over Louisiana and Mississippi Nov. 10, 2010. If you saw this event, please e-mail me at wxtx01@gmail.com or post your description in my chat box in the upper left of this site. Thanks for your time. Updates will be posted here as warranted.

12:24:00 PM

Oct 28/29 to Nov 5/6 Meteors and the Lack of Any ‘Hartley-ids’

by Carl Hergenrother 
The Transient Sky – Comets, Asteroids, Meteors
Bringing you cool stuff about Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors...

The current streak of consecutive nights with a meteor detection is up to 41 now. And with no storm systems in the forecast the end of the streak is no where in sight.
Still some nights do experience clouds. Two nights ago, for example, was hampered by thin cirrus for the entire night which resulted in only half the number of expected meter detections.
The Orionids were still going strong back on Oct 28/29 but have declined to a light sprinkle. Luckily the Leonids are starting up and last night saw a total of 5 Leonids detected between the two cameras. (more)...

11:02:00 PM


A comet discovered just a few days ago by amateur astronomers in Japan is gliding by Saturn in the pre-dawn sky. Comet Ikeya-Murakami (C/2010 V1) is not visible to the unaided eye, but observers say it is a fairly easy target for backyard telescopes. Images obtained over the weekend reveal what appears to be an outburst in progress. The comet's coma (atmosphere) bears a striking resemblance to the coma of Comet Holmes, which famously exploded in 2007. Check http://spaceweather.com

1:22:00 PM

Bright Light Streaks Across Seattle Sky Wednesday Morning

KIRO 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Michelle Millman and engineer Dan Crouch both saw flaming debris streak across the sky at about 3:20 this morning. (more)...

11:29:00 PM


Major Fireball/Meteor Event
Northeast and New England States
Tuesday November 2nd, 2010
7:20 p.m. EDT
written by Jim Gamble
El PasoTX Station
Sandia Allsky Camera
North American Meteor Network
On Tuesday November 2nd at approximately 7:20 p.m. EDT, numerous reports began to stream into http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.com of a very bright meteor event along the U.S. east coast from Rhode Island to Maine. The following is a summary of those reports.

*7:20 p.m EDT….Report from North Quincy MA south of Logan airport of a ball of fire with a comet-like trail moving slowly from Southeast to Northwest. As the object dimmed, red colored debris could be seen fragmenting behind the parent body.

*7:15 p.m. EDT….Report from East Weymouth, MA of a large white ball with a long tail behind it moving toward Boston from South Shore. Object appeared to be moving East to West lasting approximately 3 to 4 seconds. Object appeared to explode with red colored pieces falling toward the ground.

*7:18 p.m. EDT….Report of a very large ball of fire with an even longer tail behind it moving East to West over Hampstead NH. Fireball lasted a couple of seconds.

*7:30 p.m. EDT….Report from Warwick, RI of a blue-ish green fireball lasting about 2 seconds. Reporter lives near an airport. No report of direction of movement.

*Just before 7:20 p.m. EDT….Report from a pilot at home 16 miles Northwest of Boston, MA of a fireball transiting a Northeast facing window about 3 to 4 degrees above the horizon. Fireball was yellow in color and lasted 4 seconds. Reporter notes pieces falling off parent body during it’s flight.

*7:15 p.m. EDT….Report from Gloucester/Rockport, MA of a very bright, very low green colored fireball moving from Southeast to Northwest. Reporter indicates a wide, long tail of “white sparklers”. Object appeared to break up quickly. Reporter notes a very clear dark sky.

UPDATES as of 10:30 a.m. MDT Wed. Nov 3, 2010

*No Time Reported....Report from Hudson NH. Fireball appeared about 4-5 degrees off of the horizon beginning in the east and transiting out of view to the north.  Bright white in appearance, with fragments falling off. Reminded reporter of the video of the shuttle break-up a few years ago.

 *7:15 p.m. EDT....Report from Quebec City Canada of a bolide passing overhead moving West to East. Event lasted 4 to 6 seconds. Object reported to break up during flight over the area.

*7:30-ish p.m. EDT....Report fromNorthfield MA of a fireball traveling east to west. It was a long, comet type object that was shedding fragments behind it as it slowly moved across the sky.

*7:15 p.m. EDT....Report from Holderness NH of a fireball at about 12 degrees up from horizontal, at 100 degrees (magnetic). It reached a peak at about 35 degrees - perhaps 40, then traveled NW toward 32o degrees, exploding in a fireball at about 15 - 18 degrees up from the horizontal. Observer reports impression of a smoky tail.

*7:15 p.m. EDT....I was working in Queens, NY at Rufus King park at approx. 7:15pm I saw a HUGH fireball flying low to the ground. It was headed east toward Boston. It was no other shooting star. I could see craters in it. It was emitting fiery sparkles with a huge tail. I thought it was a rocket. I actually braced for impact because it was so low.

This summary will be updated as additional reports/data come in.
Please refer any inquiries or e-mail videos and/or pics to drtanuki@gmail.com

9:00:00 PM

Meteor News...Latest El Paso Meteor Event Nov. 03/2010 12:05:46 UTC

Bright meteor, likely a Taurid captured by the El Paso Allsky Camera at 12:05:46 UTC (05:05:46 MDT). Looks as though this year's Taurids will be fairly consistent through the middle of November.

8:58:00 PM

Meteor News...Latest El Paso Meteor Event Nov. 02/2010 10:03:22 UTC

This is the latest in an ongoing series of late Orionid and early Taurid meteors over the SW U.S. This event occured at 10:03:22 UTC (03:03:22 MDT) on November 2nd. I will continue to post each event on this site and will composite all the images in this series once the Taurid shower peaks.

1:03:00 PM

Meteor News...Latest El Paso Meteor Event Nov. 02/2010 08:50:29 UTC

Bright meteor captured by the El Paso, TX allsky camera at 08:50:29 UTC (01:50:29 MDT) on November 2, 2010.

1:17:00 AM

Meteor News...Latest El Paso Meteor Event Nov. 02/2010 04:24:13 UTC

Yet another bright Taurid to the WSW of El Paso, TX. This one at 04:24:13 UTC-11/02... (21:24:13 MDT on 11/01). The Taurid Meteor Shower won't peak until later this month so still many nights to observe some of the brighter shower related meteors of the year.

12:06:00 PM

Meteor News...Latest El Paso Meteor Event Nov.1/2010 04:25:22 UTC

Likely another Taurid meteor captured by the El Paso Allsky Camera. This bright event occured at 04:25:22 UTC (21:25:22 MDT) on 11/1/2010. Possibly greater than a -11 magnitude at peak flare.