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Ontario Canada Meteor Fireball 12DEC2011

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Julie C.-Burlington Ontario, Canada:
I was driving eastbound on the Queen Elizabeth Way from Burlington towards Mississauga after work today.  I don't know the exact time, but it was around 6p.  I saw a green ball of light falling across the sky.  At first I thought it was airplane lights, but it was going very fast and downwards as if nose diving.  The sky was dark so I did not have a point of reference.  Then I thought it was fireworks.  It had a tail of light and just vanished.  A few seconds after, two OPP vehicles sped past with their sirens blaring.  I'm not sure if the two are related.  I turned on the radio expecting to hear a news report about it, but did not and have been trying to figure out what it was I saw.  There didn't seem to be any explosions and I couldn't tell how far it was.