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Meteor News...Early Geminid Meteor Over Northwest Mexico...

Dec. 7, 2010 Hermosillo Mexico: Sandia allsky meteor camera operator Salvador Aguirre posts this early Geminid meteor captured by his camera in Hermosillo, Mexico. The orange-ish color enhances contrast to better show detail in the trail. The annual Geminid Meteor Shower is officially underway and promises should offer even casual observers a nice bright "shooting star" or two this month. Compare the star chart below with the composite image beneath. No question...a Geminid! Nice work, Doctor.

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Asteroid Warning System Advocated by Scientist...

A Week's Warning of Asteroid Strike Would Be Simple, Scientist Says
By Charles Q. Choi
SPACE.com Contributor
posted: 03 December 2010
09:23 am ET

An early warning system that could give Earth a week's notice or more before a space rock destroyed a city would cost only $1 million per observatory, its leading proponent suggests. Given current technologies, this lead time would not be enough to mount a mission to deflect the incoming object, but...(more)...

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NASA..."Geminid Meteor Shower Defies Explanation"

Geminids 2010 (monster gem, 200px)

A Geminid fireball explodes over the Mojave Desert in 2009. Credit: Wally Pacholka / AstroPics.com / TWAN.

Dec. 6, 2010:  The Geminid meteor shower, which peaks this year on Dec. 13th and 14th, is the most intense meteor shower of the year. It lasts for days, is rich in fireballs, and can be seen from almost any point on Earth. It's also NASA astronomer Bill Cooke's favorite meteor shower—but not for any of the reasons listed above.
"The Geminids are my favorite," he explains, "because they defy explanation."...(more)...

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Meteor News...Best Meteor Shower of 2010 Arrives Starting Dec. 13...

Slower-moving Geminids won't require binoculars or a telescope to see... 

What should be the best meteor shower of 2010 will occur beginning on the evening of Monday, Dec. 13.
Like most meteor showers, the Geminids will be at their best after midnight (early on the morning of Dec. 14), when the Earth is heading...(more)...

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"Mystery" Fireball Over Atlanta GA ?...Is No Mystery !

I'll preface this story with a few facts relevant to this "sighting". 1...The sun is nearly at it's lowest point in the sky for the season. 2...This "event" occured close to sunset in Atlanta. 3...toward the end of the video, available by going to http://www.ajc.com/video?bcpid=97471435001&bclid=1717763711&bctid=700744798001 another aircraft can be seen entering the frame from right to left looking very much like the object in question. So...without delay and considering all the above factors, ELPALLSKY can say, without a doubt, this is a man-made aircraft. Please note the "firey" appearance and slow movement in the video and use it for future reference. Full story available at http://www.ajc.com/news/dekalb/mystery-object-streaks-across-768562.html