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West Texas/New Mexico Meteor News...Latest Bright El Paso Tx Meteor

The El Paso Tx allsky camera recorded this long duration event on our northern horizon at 02:01:33 UTC...19:01:33 MST on Nov. 16. Stations to my north have been alerted and may provide imagery from northern NM shortly...updates to follow...

11:01 p.m. MST 11/16/10 Cerrillos, New Mexico arrived from google.com on "elp" by searching for falling star over new mexico november 16.

If you saw this event, PLEASE post the approx. time, the date, your location and a brief description ov this event including direction of travel in the chat box located in the upper left of my site page. If you know of any TV reports or have video/pic, please e-mail to wxtx01@gmail.com
Composite image and a short movie from the El Paso Allsky Camera below.
Thank You!


(c) 2010,2011 Thomas Ashcraft

3:44:00 AM

Enhanced Serbian Fireball Image Reveals Possible Fragments

This contrast enhanced image of the recent Serbia/Macedonia bolide shows what appear to be fragments rather than camera lens artifacts trailing behind the parent body at terminal burst. Future higher resolution images/videos may reveal more.