10:03:00 PM

Arizona Meteor Fireball ? 16nov2011

Email From:
Sally H.-Tucson, AZ:
Approximately 9:25pm MST, looking west-southwest from the northwest side of Tucson, AZ, I watched an orange fireball with a projectile that shot out at about 4:00 (as seen on a clock face). Then they both disappeared. Awesome!

We are looking for confirmation on this event! If you saw it, please send a description of your sighting to wxtx01@gmail.com  Thank You!

9:01:00 PM

West Texas Fragmenting Meteor Fireball 16nov2011

From Kevin Palivec-North Of Abilene Texas:
Checking thru my files and found this large event on my southwestern horizon.
Looks like it was a big one!
Hawley Sandia Allsky

CAPTURED AT 09:35:26 UTC-03:35:26 CST 16nov2011
Image above and video below courtesy and (c) 2011 Kevin Palivec-Hawley, TX Sandia Sentinel Fireball Network Camera-In imagery, UP is North and LEFT is East

3:24:00 AM

Houston Texas Meteor Fireball 15nov2011

Email From:
Henry-Houston, TX:
Yesterday at around 8ish I saw a green shooting start in Houston. I live in pearland Texas but it looked like it disappear towards downtown Houston. I wonder if anyone seen it

3:20:00 AM

Washington State Meteor Fireball 15nov2011

Email From:
Keith W.-Seattle, WA:
Driving home on I5 in south Seattle, near tukwillia, saw a very bright, slow moving meteor moving almost horizontally to the horizon with a slight down angle. Was visible for about 5 seconds. This took place around 7:35 pm pst on november 15th, 2011. Meteor was traveling east and appeared to be over kent WA. Was in eastern sky.  Thanks for the "heads up" Keith!

Kathleen J.-Port Angeles/Sequim, WA:
On Tuesday evening 11/15/2011, with clear night sky, approx. 7:30 pm pst timeframe (twilight), witnessed 2 separate extremely bright fireballs flash across the sky. Both were seen from a field at approx sea level, approx 10 miles from foot hills of Olympic Mountains, in a area between Port Angeles and Sequim, WA, looking up from ground level at the silhouette of Blue Mountain and Hurricane Ridge area on N side of Olympics.  The first fireball appeared to be a oval or rounded rectangular shaped object, extremely bright white to yellowish in color, moving extremely fast in a W to E direction, low in sky, visible just above the silhouette of the mountains. The fireball streaked across the sky for approx 2 seconds before exploding into a brilliant firework like display. The second fireball happened almost immediately after the first and appeared to be more like a shooting star, traveling NE to SW direction, was visible for approx 1-2 seconds in relatively the same area as first fireball was. There were no airplanes in the area at the time, no clouds, the sky was clear and stars bright with nearly full bright moon.  Both objects were visibly stunning.  Unknown if others saw same or if these fireballs were distintegrating space junk, meteorites or shooting stars, but these were brighter and larger than anything previously withnessed. Thank you for confirming this event Kathleen!

Pat W.-Haller Lake, WA:
About 7:20 pm 11-15-11 in the southern sky heading west to east. Appeared for about 5 seconds. Yellow / orange in color. With a long tail of debris.  Fun to see.  Thanks Pat!

Roger S.-Seattle, WA-7:30pm PST:
The fireball was huge in the sky. Flaming tail. Directionwas from the northwest to the southeast over the Puget Sound and West Seattle.  Thank you Roger!

Lori B.-Woodland, WA:We saw a long-lasting fireball falling west to east at about 7:40pm on Tuesday, 11/15, in Woodland, WA.  Thanks for your report!