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Bright Southeast AZ Meteor Fireball Captured By 5 All Sky Cameras 28FEB2011...

Allsky Camera images from near Tucson AZ,  2 near Sierra Vista AZ, Albuquerque NM, El Paso TX and Hermosillo MX posted below. Event time: 07:01:08 UTC (00:01:08 MST) 28FEB2011...Occured over SE AZ

***ELPALLSKY Readers...If you witnessed this event please e-mail me at wxtx01@gmail.com or chat about it in the Chat Window. Thank you!***

From Robert Crawford-East Tucson AZ

From Doug Snyder
Palominas Starhaven Observatory
MPC925 Near Sierra Vista AZ

From Sandia Nat'l Labs-Albuquerque NM

From Dr. S. Aguirre-Hermosillo Sonora-Mexico

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California Green Meteor Fireball Reported 28FEB2011...

Email From MG Pasadena, CA:
I was in my back garden letting the dogs out walking north on my way back to the house. It was 10:23 PM PST. I saw a bright object falling in the northwest sky. I'd say it was about 320 or 325 degrees, so a bit more to the north than west. I first saw it appear at approx 65 or 70 degrees above the horizon, going almost straight down except a little to the left from my standpoint and disappear 20 to 30 degrees above the horizon. It was less bright than the other one I reported last Tuesday/Wednesday. But I think it just looked a bit smaller. It was traveling faster, more like shooting stars I've seen in the fast but it was brighter than those plus had a green glow though not as much as the one I saw last week. My zip is (code on file) . If you need my exact coordinates or you have any questions, pls let me know. 
Thank You MG... Great Report!

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Bright Meteor Fireball West Of El Paso Texas 28FEB2011...

ELPALLSKY Camera Captures Fireball West Of El Paso Tx 07:01:06 UTC (00:01:06 MST) 28FEB2011...

This was a short duration event approx. 1.75sec and an approx. magnitude of -7.5 but was close to the horizon WNW of El Paso. Readers in Southwestern NM and Southeast AZ...If you saw this event, please post a description at wxtx01@gmail.com or in the chat box on my site. Thank you!