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New Mexico Meteor Fireball 09nov2011

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The Wilsons-Albuquerque, NM:
My Wife seen a fiery meteor in the sky here in albuquerque 200 miles away from you
followup email...
Saw something similar that was on the south side of the sky heading north-wards. This thing was so big when I looked up it looked like one of the street lights then started falling toward the ground. I yelled at my husband to look up and it had already disenegrated while on fire

Joan D.-Santa Fe, NM:
I saw this same event in the sky about 6:30PM Mountain Time in Santa Fe.  An orange flash in the eastern sky moving north with a long tail...awesome with the full moon. 
Joan in Santa Fe

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Anonymous said...

I saw it also last night about 6:30 pm. I was driving south on S14 (NM 337). It was very bright and it looked like a piece fell off on the way down.

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