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Possible Florida Meteor Fireball 09nov2011

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Darlene S.-Jacksonville, FL
Approximately 10:35 this evening, I saw a large fireball to my east.  The odd thing about it was it appeared to be rising as it traveled in a southern direction.  I saw it rise over a low line of trees and pass over a higher line of trees where it appeared to level out, continuing south until it fizzled down to look no different than an airplane. When it first appeared, it was large enough & bright enough to see flames & be certain something in the sky was burning.  I ran back to my front door & yelled for my husband that something was burning in the sky.  He came out & saw it as well, although is had diminished in size at this point.  Did anyone else see anything??????

If you saw this event, please send your detailed observation to wxtx01@gmail.com  THANK YOU!

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