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SOCAL Dusk Meteor Fireball 28AUG2011

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Craig E.-San Diego, CA:
Shortly after sunset 8/28/2011 at about 19:42 PST I witnessed a green meteorite in the sky looking West from downtown San Diego on the 26th floor of a building with unobstructed views. This was a bright green shooting star and didn't leave a trail. It was about 45 degrees high and shot straight down (not side to side) lasting for about a second, vanishing roughly 15-20 degrees above the horizon to the West of downtown San Diego.  It appeared to blink the moment before disappearing!  This was the first one I've seen while it was still light out.


Anonymous said...

In athens, greece i have observed a green burning meteorite in the sky at about 23:00. Lasted about 2 seconds and burned a bright even emerald colour, before blinking out with a blast of light. It was heading West and extinguished about 15 degrees above the horizon.

Anonymous said...

In Athens Ga a large group of friends were camping and the woods suddenly lit up blue almost as if it were a lightning strike but lasting several seconds. When I looked up I could see a faint blue trail in the sky. Im not sure of the direction but it was about 40 degrees above the horizon

Anonymous said...

I was in San Clemente CA just entering San Diego County on the Pacific Coast highway heading south when I saw a meteor at about 7:42 pm local time. It was south at about 40 degrees elevation moving from west to east. It began as a red orange streak with a long tail moving slowly, but as time went on a green ball formed at the head. After about 5 or 6 seconds it flamed out and disappeared. My wife also saw it and she thought it might have been a flare, but we soon began to hear radio news reports that it was seen all over Southern California.

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