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Southern New Mexico Meteor Fireball 22nov2011?

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Serena K.-Las Cruces, NM:
Last night we watched a reddish-orangish ball slowly ‘fall’ on the NE side of town. It would fade then get bright again, sort of like someone smoking a big cigarette in the sky. Not sure what it was, but it was cool! All I could think about was all the ‘end of days’ horror movies. I live in Las Cruces, southeast part of town (?). We saw ‘it’ November 22, Tuesday night around 8 – 8:30. Serena  Thank you Serena!...Checking NMSU All Sky Cameras for video. Will post if/when obtained

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Anonymous said...

Just before the year 2000 AP news reported something hit earth near southern New Mexico and the Texas state ling, leaving a mile wide trench and then nothing was heard about it again except that no remains were found!!!!!

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