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Southern New Mexico, West Texas Long Duration Meteor Fireball 22nov2011

A 10+ second Bright Meteor Event Over Southern New Mexico And West Texas 5:48:23 p.m. MST 22nov2011 (00:48:23 UTC 23nov2011) Captured By Multiple Sandia And NASA Fireball Network Cameras

From The ELPALLSKY Sandia Fireball Camera-El Paso, TX
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From NASA Fireball Camera At New Mexico Skies Observatory Near Cloudcroft, NM

Email From:
Eric C.-El Paso, TX:
Hi Jim,
Just touching base and wanted to see if you had any info on the large meteor that passed over this evening.  I was setting-up my imaging system, when it passed over, about a quarter to 6 this evening (11/22/11).  I took some notes after it passed over and I have the exact time on my imaging laptop. It spanned more than 90 degrees across the sky.  It was brilliant white and began to break-up as it passed to the NE, just before the fireball extinguished.  It was traveling toward the ENE.  By far, the best meteor I've seen in my lifetime. Did you gather any data on this one?  I'd really be interested to hear.
Eric  Thank you Eric! Any other witnesses from El Paso, Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, Ruidoso, and surrounding communities ??  Please send your description to wxtx01@gmail.com for posting to this site. Specifically need color descriptions! Thank you!


Lynn (NM Enchantment) said...

I love this kind of stuff! I'll share it with my readers and see if there are any observers out there to help you out.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if its meteors or what, but I seen BRIGHT lights falling 2x this month. I was driving west, on blue topaz, off of holmon, and my sister and I saw a huge light falling out of the sky. Cant remember the exact time, but I know it was after 9pm. Also a couple of weeks ago, I was outside smoking a cigg and was facing towards the organ mountains and saw several lights falling like rain. Are those meteors or do I just need to get my eyes checked?

Anonymous said...

i just commented, and didnt put my location. Las Cruces NM

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