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Arizona Meteor Fireball 23nov2011

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Robin and Dan C.-Mesa, AZ:
Hi, When I was out walking my dogs last night (Nov. 23, 2011 just after 8 pm) I saw a falling green light in the sky.  I live in Mesa and I was looking toward Phoenix.  I couldn’t figure out what it was because of it’s green colour and the angle of its fall (not straight down, but at angle).  Then it just disappeared and I didn’t see anything further on it. Sorry to be vague, but I wasn’t expecting to see a green light.  We live near the flight path to Phoenix airport and we’re used to seeing planes fly overhead at night, but they are never such a bright green colour.  It was the bright green colour that got my attention.
I hope this was somewhat helpful,  Indeed it is and thanks for your contribution!

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