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First Of 2 Tucson AZ Fireballs 14MAY2011

Emails From:

Steve, Lisa & Jenna G.-Tucson AZ:
Wanted to let you know Lisa, Jenna and myself witnessed the “Tucson Fireball” night before last. We were out walking at dusk and saw a bright flash out of the corner of our eyes.  In the northern sky at about 30 degrees we saw a meteor that lasted approximately 4 to 5 seconds and broke into two distinct pieces as the flames diminished.  The path seemed to be towards the southeast.  I would call it a brilliant white with a bit of blue to it.  We did not observe any sounds.  I opened my phone and recorded the time to be exactly 2000hrs mountain standard time.  A very punctual rock.   thank you Steve, Lisa and Jenna...fine example of a good fireball report!

Rosella T. In Tucson AZ:
Hi.  It was Saturday night around 8 pm on May 14, 2011 that I was out on my north facing balcony here in Tucson, AZ, when I saw a huge fireball.  It seemed to be very close and about the size of a compact car.  It was bright yellow and it seemed to have a red ring in between the ball and its long tail.  It was going horizontally from west to east and was not high up in the sky.  I saw it clearly because it was not going extremely fast.  It got lost behind trees and I turned to look at the moon and it seemed that this fireball was a lot closer in proximity than the moon.  What was this fireball?? 

From The Chatbox:

Jamie (guest): My husband and I both saw what looked like a meteor/fireball last night. We were in the center of the Tempe campus of ASU and were looking up and to the east. It looked so huge that my husband commented that it looked like it could have landed in Apache Junction. It was almost exactly at 8pm when we saw it.

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