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AZ Meteor Fireball 14MAY2011 Captured By ELPALLSKY And Mexico Sentinel All Sky Cameras

Numerous Emails & Internet Inquiries Indicate Fireball Event In Arizona 14MAY2011...Captured By Sandia Sentinel Camera (ELPALLSKY) EL PASO, TX And Hermosillo Mexico  05:55:13 UTC 15MAY2011 (11:55:13 p.m. MDT 14MAY2011-10:55:13 p.m. MST)

Observation From John G. In Tucson, AZ:
Copy of a fireball report sent 05/15/11 4:03 PM to
International Meteor Organization (IMO)
Fireball Report Form

Date, Time and Location:
Date : 2011 May 14
Time: : 22:55:00 MST
Location : Tucson AZ USA Pima county
Longitude: 110° 49' 20.64" West
Latitude : 32° 8' 11.76" North
Fireball Parameters:
Apparent path earth-based coordinates
Beginning point elevation: 40°
Beginning point azimuth : 290°
Ending point elevation : 30°
Ending point azimuth : 340°

Comparison with brightness of full moon: Brighter than full moon
Duration:: 3 seconds
Color(s): white only
Trail: yes
Fragmentation: no
Persistent Train: yes
Angular Velocity: Scale medium
Sound: None
Shower: unknown

Observer's name: John G.
Address: On File
e-mail: On File

Naked eye observation
Two observers, ages 57 and 12.
I am an amature astronomer.
No cloud cover at time of observation.
City lights.
Observers had been outside for 1/2 hour so our vision was dark adapted.

Apparant diameter of fireball:
Start: bright Venus
End : 3/4 diameter of full moon

At the time the observation was made the moon was visible, with parameters
(from Sky View Café set to my coordinates)
Azimuth : 14° 14' 12''
Altitude: 42° 38' 56''
Magnitude: -12.0
Illuminated fraction: 92.9%
Angular diameter: 33.39'

As the moon was visible at the time of my observation,
I have confidence in brightness and size comparisons relative to full moon. 
                Thanks for sharing this report John!

E-mails From:

popealexander93 In El Paso TX:
On May 14, 2011 I say a fireball in El Paso Texas. I was facing west between 11:45pm and 12:00am when i looked up and say a bright red fireball streak across the sky and go behind the franklin mountains. I didn't hear any noise and the fireball was pretty large in size. I don't know if it was a comet, meteor,  or what? Can you validate what i say? Contact me with any questions on what i saw.
Andrea P. In Tucson, AZ:
Hi I was at a party last night in downtown Tucson, Arizona when I saw the fireball (maybe 10:30 or 11?)  I worked teaching astronomy for years in very dark skies (compared to urban Tucson at near full moon!)  but I have NEVER seen anything so spectacular. I saw it in the eastern sky, moving from south to north.At first it was white light, getting brighter and brighter and leaving a trail, but then it burst into multi-colored light and several pieces (10?), each of which burned in twinkling colors.  It was SO bright! most people at the party thought it was some sort of firework a neighbor had set off. (you were looking for descriptions for elp allsky, right?)
no pics, sadly!
Internet Inquiries:

Phoenix, Arizona arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for shooting star seen in arizona may 14 2011.
00:56:39 -- 35 minutes ago

Marana, Arizona arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Jan 14, 2011" by searching for meteorite may 14, 2011 tucson.
00:19:17 -- 1 hour 13 mins ago

Mesa, Arizona arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: "Large Fragmenting Meteor Fireball 8:48pm MST Phoenix AZ 08APR2011"...NOT A FIREBALL AT ALL!" by searching for meteor near phoenix.
00:02:43 -- 1 hour 30 mins ago

Event Captured By ELPALLSKY:

image courtesy Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera-El Paso, TX

Event co-captured by Dr. Salvador Aguirre-Sandia Sentinel All Sky Camera-Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico

***We need visuals on this event! If you saw this fireball, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with details of your sighting. Thank you!***

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