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UPDATE...Edmond OK Multiple Meteor Fireballs 14MAY2011 Source Revealed...

Emails From:

Ashley In Edmond OK:
HI,  My family and I and watched something in the sky last night at approx 9:30 pm last night. We saw a total of 7 fireballs. 2 first which seems like they paralleled each other then one single fireball. Then 3 more (which we have on video)  followed by one more. Each lasted approx 30-45 seconds and seemed to be orange- yellow color with a definite bright red on the top. I live in Edmond, Oklahoma and they falling/ flying from northeast to south west. I'm very interested in finding out what exactly these objects were. THANKS for any insight you can provide.

Ashley, seems we've discovered the source of your fireballs...

From Linda In Edmond OK:
Hi Ashley,
Do you live in Settlers Crossing or Southerly Farms neighborhoods?  I believe what you saw was my daughter's 14th birthday celebration launch of Chinese Sky Lanterns. 
Search YouTube for video and see if this is perhaps looks like what you saw. Date and time of sighting fit with our launch.  There were 11 of them, green, orange, pink purple, yellow and blue.

thank you for coming forward Linda. Congrats to your daughter! Ashley, you can sleep now.

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