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Daylight Meteor Fireball Over Central Texas 11:50 A.M. CDT 02APR2012

Daylight Fireball Widely Seen Over Central Texas...Please Email Visual Reports, Pictures, Videos To ELPALLSKY (click) !!

02APR2011-11:50 a.m. CD...This event is reported to have lasted up to ten seconds and varied in color. Meteor is said to have had a nearly vertical downward trajectory. If you witnessed this event, please indicate the time, your location, direction you were facing, direction in which the object traveled (left to right etc. is ok) color, and any flashes which may have accompanied this event. THANK YOU!

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Anonymous-College Station, TX:
It must have been big. I was 50 miles North of College Station traveling south and saw the part that appeared to drop straight down. People as far sought as San Antonio saw it while facing south as well. I have never heard of seeing a meteorite during the day. I only saw it for a few seconds before my view was blocked but it was pretty incredible.

Anonymous-San Marcos, TX:
It was around 11:50 and I was outside of San Marcos off of 21 by the airport. I was working in the field when I saw it fall straight down out of the sky. I was facing in the East direction and it looked like a white light blazing object.


Anonymous said...

I was heading East on Bee Cave Rd in Austin, Texas and witnessed a fireball go across the sky (pretty low) from left to right. Only lasted a couple seconds, but very bright.

Anonymous said...

I am in New Braunfels Texas and saw it as well. It dropped straight down and I swear I saw a green/ blue color, but my husband said he saw red. This was around 11:50 am as well. It looked so close!!

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