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Washington State Meteor Fireball 16DEC2011

Email From:
Jeannie P.-Port Orchard, WA:
I was heading West on Nelson Road in Port Orchard, and all of the sudden, above the trees, looked like a shooting star......but bright white with a streak of orange/red through the center, came from the South (left) of my car, and flew over the trees towards the North...(my right) It was so close that I literally slammed on my breaks an ducked, like a low flying aircraft... there was no sound I could hear. I rushed home to check the internet, if anyone else had seen what I saw. QUITE A SITE TO SEE!!!
The call I made just after seeing it was 11:56pm Friday,12/16/2011 coming from the South heading North in Port Orchard WA, from Nelson Road.
I hope this information helped.
Jeannie P.

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