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Southern California Meteor Fireball 02DEC2011

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Deanne S.-Fountain Valley, CA:
At just-past-6 pm local (maybe 6:08), I was driving into my neighborhood (eastward) and saw a bright bluish-white trail begin on the sky from left to right (north to south).  It at first appeared to me to be the flame from the engine of a single-engine military fighter aircraft but then as it elongated, I realized it was something coming in to the earth's atmospheres.  It began to break apart, I assume, as I saw a few bits come away and quickly disintegrate.  Finally as it reached the right side of my windshield it fizzled out.  Very neat, I've never seen anything like it before.  Thanks for the heads up Deanne!! Others who saw this please email your description to wxtx01@gmail.com Thank You!

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