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Possible BC Canada Meteor Fireball 02DEC2011

Email From:
Shea D.-Vancouver British Columbia, Canada:

Was sitting outside on my balcony last night which faces north, about 1:30am chatting on the phone with a friend and saw a large light move slowly across the sky eastwards. It was big and slow, I looked at the road and saw a street light and was describing to my friend that it was the colour of the street lamp (yellow-ish) and nearly the same size but moving quite slowly, I tried to go get my camera after realizing how slow it was moving but missed it, operator failure We get lots of sea planes, planes and helicopters in the sky but this was big and slow! Stranger yet, I continued talking and another light caught my eye, suddenly where I originally spotted it, same size and moving the same direction.
Wonder what it could've been?
Vancouver, BC

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